Write better, faster

with a new kind of word processor.

Whether you’re writing
screenplays, group study notes, or academic papers,
Gingko lets you see the big picture, or focus on the details.

You’ll never be lost in words again.

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What is Gingko?

Gingko is an online word processor, that lets you
work on structure & content at the same time.

Whether you’re an artist, scholar, or entrepreneur,
this new medium lets you write better, faster.

Write better, by default

Writing well requires you to focus on the details of your work. You need to pick the right words, the right argument, the right line of dialogue.

But that’s only half of the picture. To write well, the overall plot, structure, and flow is just as important.

Writing is hard because we have no tools to easily focus on the content and the structure at the same time. Until now. Gingko is the only word processor where you can work on both structure and content at the same time.

Which means that whether you’re writing that report your boss keeps bugging you about, or that novel you’ve been yearning to get out, you’ll be able to write better, faster.

Write at the speed of thought

While writing, getting into the state of flow is crucial.

Because of that, Gingko’s interface is minimal, and gets out of your way. All formatting is done with Markdown, so you can focus on writing instead of font selection.

Gingko is built with a “keyboard-first” mindset. You can use the mouse to work, but our keyboard shortcuts are fast, simple, and intuitive.

This lets you keep your hands on the keyboard and your thoughts on your work.

Work together, better

Whether you’re coauthoring a research paper, or collaborating on a project specification, Gingko lets you work together in ways that no other document editor can.

While it’s being edited, each card is locked so there’s no way to step on each other’s toes. And you’re not distracted by watching other people typing.

Since Gingko is tree-based, one person can work on the overall organization, while a second is writing the main points of a particular section, and a third is taking those points and fleshing them out in a subsection.

All this means you’ll be able to get more done with your team.

Built for speed, flexibility, and security

Gingko was designed from the ground-up to be fast & lightweight.

Load the app, and your large document, in seconds. Switching between trees is nearly instantaneous. Navigation is also fast & smooth.

You can also do a quick search to instantly filter out all cards that don’t have the search term or @tag you’re looking for.

Want to build an extension to turn Gingko trees into slideshows? Or how about a web clipper, to add a “Send to Gingko” option on right-click?
The Gingko API is being developed so that you will be able to extend Gingko to suit your needs.

All your data is secure, backed up regularly, encrypted with SSL, and private by default (though you can still share your tree publicly if you wish).


I am absolutely in love. I’ll admit, when I first took a look I thought that it seemed strange and counter intuitive, but when I actually began writing I couldn’t imagine doing it any other way.

You really nailed the keyboard shortcuts, 3 trees is perfect, the way cards are navigated, linked, and displayed, is awesome. This is the only way to write that I have ever come across that allows me to get everything out of my head at once and stay organized at the same time. I love keeping the main points linear in the far left branch and then going off on naturally occurring tangents to the right.

Basically, thanks for making an awesome app and keep up the good work.

Pat M., New York

I am a new and devout user. It took all of, I don't know, 30 seconds? to convert me to Gingko. From what? Nothing. Because's there's nothing like it. Seriously awesome job.

Anna H., San Fransisco, US

Jesus f*****g christ, pardon my french, just started my account, and already cleared 10 folders, and loads of other stuff I've had online and everywhere .... this tool is the bomb! the BOMB! You've done an amazing job ...

Radu M., Bucharest, Romania

I love this... You've given me the ability to THINK more clearly.

Maral V., Entrepreneur

I have pretty severe ADHD, this is detrimental for my success, in a way using this app, it's a bit life changing.... The only way not to get overwhelmed is to tightly structure information so that parsing complicated things can be done in small increments...

Thank you again, I don't really pay for things..., but congratulations on the huge feat of getting me to pay for something ;).

V.K., London, Canada

This book has been sitting in my head, on scraps of paper, and in jumbled Word documents, for weeks. With Gingko, I was able to create an outline of my main ideas that quickly grew into the structure and skeleton of my book!

Jessica Lafleur, Creator of Stark Skincare

Gingko is awesome!!!
After using it for the last hour, I feel it’s what I wanted workflowy and keynote to be. I love it already! What's more, I actually *enjoyed* using Gingko in the process!

Alex Dergachev, co-founder and lead developer of Evolving Web

Interesting product. I’m using it to write a TED talk at the moment.

Jason Edward Lewis, Director Obx labs

Gingko looks fascinating! … I think it’s REALLY COOL.

Dave Seah, Graphic Designer, davidseah.com

I LOVE you :)

Gingko is a perfect app for almost every single aspect of my work (virtual world developer, website designer, writer).

Gwenette S., Cocoa, US

I use Gingko for writing research papers, it helps to focus on the elaboration of the concept and to work with large volumes of data.
If Gingko existed earlier, it would have saved me 2 years off my PhD.

Elena K., Historian