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How To Sync Orbi Router With Satellite?

For all the newbies out there who have just got their hands on an Orbi router and satellite, this blog is going to answer all your doubts. If you want to know how to sync Orbi satellite , or what to do if there is a syncing error between the router and the satellite then this is your read. In this blog, we will clear your doubts in detail.

Steps To Sync Orbi Router With Satellite –

Follow the stepwise guidelines to sync your Orbi router with satellite;

connect Orbi satellite -

Your Orbi satellite must be within range of your Orbi router’s WiFi signal so that it can sync with your router.

Use your satellite’s LED to help you determine where to place your satellite.

  1. Sync your Orbi satellite with your Orbi router -

    The Orbi satellite that comes with your Orbi router is preset to automatically find and sync to your Orbi router’s WiFi signal.
    To sync your satellite:

a. Place your satellite.

b. Connect the satellite to a power source.

c. The satellite LED pulses white. The satellite automatically finds the Orbi router’s WiFi signal and attempts to sync to the Orbi router.

d. The satellite LED lights one of the following colors:

· Blue. The Orbi router and satellite successfully synced, and the connection between the router and satellite is good.

· Amber. The connection with the router is fair. We recommend that you move the Orbi satellite closer to the Orbi router and try again.

  1. If the satellite LED lights magenta, do the following:

a. Unplug your Orbi satellite, move the satellite closer to the router.

b. Plug the satellite back in, and wait two minutes for the LED to turn blue or amber.

  1. If the satellite LED still does not turn blue or amber, do the following:

a. Press the Sync button on the back of the router.

b. Within two minutes press the Sync button on the back of the satellite.

c. Wait two minutes for the LED to turn blue or amber

Resolve The Sync Error In Orbi Router –

Follow these tips to resolve the Orbi router sync error;

Check Compatibility

The first thing to do is to know that not all Orbi satellites work with all the available Orbi routers. Even if a satellite or a router is manufactured by Orbi, it doesn’t mean they will sync effectively together. It is important to check the compatibility of your devices.

Another thing you need to verify is, how many satellites can be synced with your primary wifi router. If you’re trying to connect several satellites using your Orbi router, you may have already exceeded your limit. If you do a thorough check on the number of satellites your router can handle this will help you to solve the issue correctly.

2.) Set it up properly

Another issue that may cause this issue with synchronizing your satellite to your Orbi router is that you may not have set it up correctly. Ensure that both the satellites as well as your Orbi router have been connected to each other via an Ethernet cable or wirelessly. Then, you’ll be required to press the Sync button on both of the devices in order to get it to work.

If you’re trying to connect your satellite wirelessly, you’ll have to ensure that it is located very close to the initial router you’re using. This will make sure that they are capable of connecting properly, and allow you to place the satellite in the location you wanted to.

3) Reset Orbi Satellite

Another thing you can try is to reset the device. It is possible the Orbi satellite may be connected to a different router and this could be the cause of the syncing issues you’re experiencing.

You must be sure you press the reset key for 5-10 seconds until the power light on your satellite turns white. This means your Orbi satellite is reset to its default settings. After that, you’ll be able to ensure that it syncs precisely to your router.

Orbi Router Synced To Orbi Satellite!

So that was everything about how to sync Orbi router with satellite. You can also resolve sync errors, if any, using our troubleshooting guide.