Learning to Learn

Mike Wallace

outline of coursera subject

WEEK 1 - What is Learning

1 Focused versus Diffuse Thinking


Using the Focused and Diffuse Modes—Or, a Little Dali will do You

What is Learning?

2 Procrastination, Memory & Sleep

Procrastination Preview

Practice Makes Permanent

Introduction to Memory

The Importance of Sleep i Learning

Interview: Dr. Terrence Sejnowski 15 min

3 Summary & Optional Further Info

Summary Week 1

Interview: MaryAnne Nestor

Reading: Focused versus Diffuse Thinking

A Posting about Anxiety, Depression and PTSD from a learner in Learning How to learn

Interview with Dr. Robert Bilder on Creativity and Problem Solving

Interview: Writing Coach Daphne Gray-Grant

Interview: “Benny the Irish Polyglot” about Learning Languages

WEEK 2 - Chunking

1 Chunking - The Essentials

What is a Chunk?

How to Form a Chunk

Illusions of Competence

2 Seeing the Bigger Picture

What Motivates You?

The Value of a Library of Chunks

Overlearning, Choking, Einstellung, and Interleaving


3 Optional Further Info


Interview: Dr. Norman Fortenberry - Learning at MIT

Interview: Scott Young, a “Marco Polo” of Learning

Interview: Author Amy Alkon

WEEK 3 - Procrastination and Memory

1 Procrastination

Introduction to Procrastination and Memory

Tackling Procrastination - It’s Easier, and More Valuable, Than You Think

Zombies Everywhere

Surf’s Up: Process Versus Product

Harnessing Your Zombies to Help You

Juggling Life and Learning

Summing Up Procrastination

2 Memory

Diving Deeper into Memory

What is Long Term Memory

Creating Meaningful Groups and the Memory Palace Technique

Summing Up Memory

3 Optional Further Info

Procrastination and Memory

Interview: Caroline Mitchell on Learning Something Difficult that Others Think isn’t “You”

Interview: 4 Time US Memory Champion Nelson Dellis23 min

Interview: Dr. Robert Gamache, an Award-winning Bilingual Scientist

Interview: Stanford’s Keith Devlin, the NPR “Math Guy”

WEEK 4 - Renaissance Learning & Unlocking Your Potential

1 Renaissance Learning & Unlocking Your Potential I

How to Become a Better Learner

Introduction to Renaissance Learning and Unlocking Your Potential

Create a Lively Visual Metaphor or Analogy

No Need for Genius Envy

Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life

2 Renaissance Learning & Unlocking Your Potential II

The Value of Teamwork

A Test Checklist

Hard Start - Jump to Easy

Final Helpful Hints for Tests


Wrapup to the Course by Terrence Sejnowski and Barbara Oakley

3 Optional Further Info

Assignment: Learn By Teaching Others How To Learn

Assignment: Optional Video Project: Share what you learned and your learning strategies

Reading: Renaissance Learning and Unlocking Your Potential

Interview: Part 1: How NOT to Take a Test, Interview with Dr. Richard Felder and Dr. Rebecca Brent

Interview: Part 2: Learning Something New, Interview with Dr. Richard Felder and Dr. Rebecca Brent

Interview: Part 3: The Imposter Syndrome and Dealing with Procrastination, Interview with Dr. Richard Felder and Dr. Rebecca Brent

Interview: Writer John Maguire (readablewriting.com) on the Importance of Putting Objects in Your Writing

Interview: William Craig Rice on learning in the humanities