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10 products you have to buy from the beauty basket today

1.Dove Mineral Touch Sea Deodorant Spray 150Ml

150ml Dove Mineral Touch Sea Deodorant Spray
Dub Mineral Touch Antiperspirant Dry Deodorant Spray Rich in Dead Sea Minerals
Protects against sweat and odors for 48 hours. It has a 1/4 moisturizer formula that actively nourishes your skin. It hydrates and strengthens the skin’s natural moisture barrier to combat dryness. It dries fast and leaves your armpits soft, smooth and residue-free.

2.Faces Canada Ultime Professional Hd All That Glow Highlighter Glare 01 10Gm

Take your makeup to the next level with Faces Canada’s Ultime Professional HD All That Glow Highlighter.
All That Glow highlighter adds an edge with a gorgeous lightweight formula that gives pores and skin a soft and comfortable feel and a cheeky glow.
Ultime Professional HD All That Glow highlighter features a unique formulation that blends an ultra-transparent base with pure pigments to create a multifaceted and engraved look.
Buy highlighters from your basket now.

3.Kryolan Supracolor Basis Fs26

Supracolor is a well-liked cream makeup product that has been round for many years.
Skilled makeup artists` work can be almost unattainable to think about with out Supracolor.
This product is well-known for its excellent concealing skills, glorious pores and skin compatibility, and big selection of color choices.
Purchase now supracolor foundation right this moment from magnificence basket.

4.Moroccanoil Hydration Gift Set

The second product is the Moroccanoil Drinking Gift Set. Moroccanoil has developed a special hair and body collection for optimal hydration. 250ml of Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo is included in this gift pack. – 250ml Moroccan Oil Hydrating Conditioner
– 20ml Moroccan oil body hand cream
– 15ml Moroccan oil treatment

5.Loreal Professional Oxydant Creme 20 Vol 6% Developer 495Ml

The first products we see are Loreal Oxydant Cream, a hydrogen peroxide for L`Oréal Majirel and Majirouge hair dyes.
This oxidative lotion is used to color the hair to make it brighter and shiny. Oxidizing cream is available in three different concentrations of hydrogen peroxide: 6%, 9% and 12%.
The higher the ratio, the darker the color.
Hydrogen peroxide removes the original color of the hair and gives the new color an excellent base and color. How to use:
Band 20 is the most popular developer level because it contains a modest amount of hydrogen peroxide (6%). If you want to hide your gray hair, this is a great option. Volume 20 is great for thick hair as it has enough power to open the cuticle. Volume 20 is perfect for gray hair. This is because when the amount is large, the color stands out from the surrounding hair, revealing and emphasizing the gray rather than hiding it.

6.Ferrari Scuderia Red 3Pcs Gift Set For Men

If you want to give your husband a gift for a special occasion, this is it. The top notes of fresh citrus and green notes are seamlessly blended with the floral middle and brought to life with the Ferrari Suderia Gift Set Red Eau de Toilette.
Woody notes and fascinating musk give the base a sensual and warm impression. Top notes are bergamot, orange, petitgrain, verbena, galbanum and spearmint. Heart notes are geranium, iris (oris), jasmine and nutmeg. Cedarwood, Sandalwood, Oakmoss, Musk, Vanilla are the base notes.

7.The Body Shop Vitamin E Gel Moisture Cream 50Ml

Our fast-absorbing Vitamin E Gel Moisturizer keeps you hydrated all day long. It is oil-free and is ideal for oily skin. It’s very light and refreshing. 48 hours of hydration further moisturizes and protects pores and skin. Welcome to a whole new world of moisturizing with raspberry extract.
Shopping Body Shop Benefits Vitamin E Moisturizer
-The pores and skin of the daily moisturizer
-mixture benefit from 48 hours of hydration.
-It feels very mild and refreshing.

  • Non-greasy and easily absorbed
  • Pore and skin are oil-free and therefore much less glossy.
  • Hyaluronic acid and raspberry extract are used in the manufacture of this product.

8.L’Oreal Inoa Ammonia Free Everlasting Hair Shade Creme 60G 4.8 Mocha Brown

L’Oreal Inoa hair color does not contain ammonia and provides a good finish with a uniform tone from the root to the tip. The position of the hair is beautiful and it is glossy.
A characteristic, moisturizing, darkening or lightening hair color in up to three ranges that strengthens the hair from the inside to the outside.
Designed to fit almost any hair color.
A mixture of different depths and intensities.
Keeps hair soft and clean. Hair looks more youthful and feels healthier.
Buy Mocha Hair Color L’Oreal from your basket now for all hair types.

9.Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Shower Gel 200Ml

Bvlgari Aqva Pour Homme Shampoo & Shower Gel 200ml.
AQVA POURHOMME shampoos and shower gels are offered in elegant monolithic jars for men seeking genuine freshness.
Bvlgari perfume made in Italy is a luxurious expression that captures the sophistication and elegance of the brand. remarks;
Aromatic Aquatic Woody is a family of odors.
Mandarin and petitgrain are the top notes.
Santolina and Posidonia are heart notes.
Mineral amber and clary sage are the base notes.

10.Armani Mania Homme Edt For Men 100Ml

Another gift you can give to your partner is armani mania men`s 100 ml. This fragrance is highly masculine because of the gorgeous trio of major characteristics – fresh, woodsy, and amber notes. Simple, elegant, and modern, the top notes are formed of juicy mandarin followed by soft saffron echo. A fundamental feature of all Armani fragrances is freshness.