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As LED lighting generally uses low voltage DC (constant current) power supply, if ac 220V mains power supply is used, a special transformer is required to output low-voltage DC power (such as 12V, 24V, etc.) and the LED driver is used to drive the LED lamp, that application are below :

  1. Street lighting systems in cities and towns (including solar lighting systems);
  2. Tunnel and underground car park (including underground shopping centre);
  3. Lighting of transportation vehicles (internal and partial external lighting of automobiles, trolleys, ships, airplanes, etc.);
  4. LED lighting system in large public places, such as railway stations, subway stations, airports, large supermarkets, large department stores, buildings and hospitals, etc.;
  5. LED lighting project in non-power zone.

Common-Cathode CC 3014AG 7-Segment digit 3014AG LED Common-Anode CA 3014BG Display 3014BG 0.30 inch
Common-Cathode CC 3104AB 7-Segment digit 3104AB LED Common-Anode CA 3104BB Display 3104BB 0.30 inch

As for the current drawbacks of LED lights, we believe that with the strong promotion and support of the state, it will be gradually broken through science and technology, so that the use of LED lights will be more universal. And by strengthening the management of the market, so that the market and the production end become standardized, against the mercenary business. Only in this way, can people use high-quality, inexpensive and reliable LED lights.

Common-Cathode CC 3391AB LED 3391AB 0.39 inch Common-Anode CA 3391BB 7-Segment 3391BB Display

Usually red light, green light and yellow light LED reverse breakdown voltage is greater than 5 volts, the forward voltammetry characteristic curve is very steep, in use must be in series current-limiting resistance to better control the current through the diode, to protect the LED. Because there are 4 types of packages for leds. In-line, patch and high power, cob led light emitting diodes. You just have to know if you’re looking for in-line leds, patch leds, high-power leds or cob leds.

Common-Cathode CC 5201AS LED 5201AS 0.50 inch Common-Anode CA 5201BS 7-Segment 5201BS Display

LED products in the aging process of the client, there is a dead lamp phenomenon, failure analysis of bad lamp samples, The cause of the dead lamp of the poor LED light source sample is that the lamp bead burns and causes the bond line to melt and break, and the high content of epoxy components in the packaging glue can not be fully cured, which is the main reason for the LED lamp bead burn. LED light source samples are most prone to carbonization black phenomenon, and cause further heat accumulation and the deterioration of the heat dissipation situation in the area.

LED 8401AW 7-Segment 8401AW 0.80-inch 8401BW Display 8401BW

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