Setup And Login

Installing a WiFi repeater is a necessity, to take advantage of the high-speed internet, but sometimes the setup process can be challenging. Are you facing trouble with the online portal? Don’t worry! We got you covered with a simpler method to set up a wifi repeater, and that is via IP address You can use this IP address to access the WiFi Repeater’s admin interface and easily setup your device.

wirelses Admin Login
Before beginning the setup, it is mandatory to access admin login page. Follow the points carefully;

Step 1: Make sure your computer or laptop can connect to the internet.
Step 2: Following that, connect your system to the WiFi router.
Step 3: Launch the preferred web browser.
Step 4: To access the admin page, type into the address bar.
Step 5: You will now be sent to your router’s admin page.
Step 6: Now, enter the proper information to continue.
Step 7: Correct information will lead you to the router admin menu. Setup
In the process of setting up your repeater once the login is complete, follow the points for wifi repeater setup mentioned below;

Step 1: Modify the login information that was previously mentioned.
Step 2: Navigate the choices menu till you come across an all-inclusive list menu.
Step 3: Choose the repeater password in step three.
Step 4: Enter a strong yet simple to remember password.
Step 5: While making changes, you must continue to save the data.
Step 6: If desired, change the username.

Wrapping Up
That was all about the wifi repeater setup and login via IP address. There are many search queries for admin login and setup, but now we have answered all of them in one blog.

If you are still facing issues that are not listed above, or you need advice on setting up a particular repeater or router, know that our technicians will help you through the whole process easily. Chat with us today- at (877)778-0205!