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Introduction (6-8 sentences)

Lead-in (attention getter)

We are all in this world for a special purpose.

Build up to thesis statement

Thesis statement (main idea of the essay+essay map: main argument + the three points you’re going to discuss)

I take my life challenges with lots of effort, and I am blessed because I have family and friends that always support me.

Body Paragraph 1 (8-12 sentences)

Topic sentence 1 (main idea of the paragraph)

God gave me the gift of life and the opportunity to have an amazing family and friends.

Supporting details (2-3 examples to support your topic sentence)

Concluding sentence (wraps up paragraph and ties everything together)

-Where I born and lived
-Schools attended
-Who are my family and friends

You can change the future but not the past. I am happy with the memories that I have. Everything let me to do the person who I am right now.

Body Paragraph 2 (8-12 sentences)

Topic sentence 2

Every effort has an incredible award, even that it’s difficult you have to never give up.

Supporting details

-School achievements and problems
-People that I met
-Plans for the future

Concluding sentence

Everything happens for a reason and all the problems makes you stronger. What you do right now, it’s building up your future.

Body Paragraph 3 (8-12 sentences)

Topic sentence 3

What I do and like, I do it with all my heart.

Supporting details

-Interests and hobbies (music, art, sports)
-Favorite things
-Who I am

Concluding sentence

Everything that I like it’s a part of me.

Conclusion (6-8 sentences)

Paraphrase thesis statement

My family and friends motivate me to always give all my effort.

Paraphrase topic sentences

God gave me the gift of life and I enjoy it. One of the most important things for me is having my family and friends by my side. I know that every effort has an incredible award, but in every effort you have to always give the best of you.

Final thoughts (what do you want the reader to do/remember?)

I don’t know what is going to happen to me in the future, but I’m sure that God will never let me alone. I will always take every moment and make it the best.