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Reputation in Society/Group/Community

Ones reputation can affect how other people see the person.
In daisy miller, Daisy’s reputation that she is so called a “flirt”. To me, Daisy is a flirt. There are multiple instances that she can be labeled as a flirt. Some of the time she makes it seem like she is a huge flirt however sometimes society can just tell and automatically assume she is one.

This can be seen throughout stereotypical movies in our past such as the “nerds” aren’t capable of being cool or athletic. On the reverse side, “jocks” can’t be smart according to normal reputations. An example of this is when Mrs. Walker says, “You’re old enough to be more reasonable. You’re old enough, dear Miss Miller, to be talked about.” Daisy responds with, “Talked about? What do you mean?”

Reputation in Actions/Behaviors/Attitude/Emotions/ (Individual)

Someone can view themselves as having a certain reputation, therefore acting in a certain way. People with a higher reputation cannot do certain things because their reputation might decrease in the social ladder. I think that Daisy Miller acts the way she does because of her reputation, even though there is no proof that she knows her reputation and acts to match it.

This can be seen throughout time, in multiple movies, and other multimedia. One key movie that comes to mind is Mean Girls(sorry). In Mean Girls all of the girls have a reputation that they strictly go by. If one of the girls in the clique go against their reputation, they are outcasted. At the end of the movie, Cady goes against the cliques reputation but ultimately wins the whole schools friendship.

Reputation is not always trustworthy

Not many people go outside their comfort zones. Those people that aren’t cemented can come from any popularity class but they usually come from the middle class of popularity. One’s reputation is not always trustworthy because people can go against their so called reputation. Staying with one reputation is not a good thing because it limits your view of the world and society as a whole. With only one reputation your view is limited by the actions you do and the friends you hang out with. When people do something a first time they might be labeled but in reality labeling this person is wrong because this thing that caused them to get labeled could have been a one time deal.