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Salesletter Template

Call out to your audience

Get their attention (headline)

Backup the big promise headline with an quick explanation (SUB)

Identify the problem

Provide the solution

Show pain of and cost of development

Explain ease-of-use

Show speed to results

Future cast

Show your credentials

Detail the benefits

Get social proof

Make your offer

Add bonuses

Build up your value

Reveal your price (pop by button)

Inject scarcity (if any)

Give guarantee

Call to action

Give a warning

Close with a reminder

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Eight-part copy test

  1. Did you grab your readers by the throat your readers with your headline?

  2. Did you clearly explain that you understand the problem?

  3. Did you show them so much proof that they can’t possibly doubt what you had to say?

  4. Did you show features and benefits to your offer that included the word so in each line?

  5. Did you ensure your prospects that your product will be very very easy to use?

  6. Did you ensure to your prospects that your product would work very quickly to solve the problem?

  7. Did you clearly explain the pain of the experience by not accepting your offer?

  8. Did you demonstrate incredible value in your offer so much so that your prospect would feel stupid by not buying your product?