General Description


DHA Landscape

What is meant by mobile health

How is that currently done in the DOD/DHA

Currently, these activities are spread across several J-shops and individual programs within the services.

What gaps exists

Policy and strategy

Currently, there is no single DHA office identified with the authority to set overall strategy and policy when it comes to DHA Mobile Health.

Program / Product management

Similarly, there is no currently identified DHA office with the capability and authority to oversee program and product management for mobile applications.


Scope / Functions of this group

Governance Review

As a chartered subgroup of the Clinical Portfolio Management Board, the primary responsibility of the MHWG is to review and approve smaller, mobile health related enterprise projects.

Service / functional champion submits through portal
IMIT reviews
Present to MTWG for approval
Then to j-6 for build

Portfolio Management

Awareness of DHA / Service level products

As part of governance review, the MHWG shall maintain awareness of the mobile health portfolio of applications across the DoD.

Every 6 months, the service level representatives shall provide an updated list of current mobile projects and initiatives within their respective branches - with the exception of grant funded, research projects. Likewise, DHA representatives shall do the same for DHA enterprise apps. DHA staff shall also collate and manage these entries as well as distribute them accordingly.

Look for opportunities to align.

The MHWG shall use this portfolio of apps to look for opportunities to align individual efforts in order to improve efficiency. For example, if Army and Navy are both working on a cardiology app, the MHWG shall look for opportunities to align the two apps into a single one.

Strategic Advice on mobile health

Finally, the MHWG shall, as requested, provide advice on strategy and policy for mobile health to the appropriate DHA entity.

Out of scope

Set DHA Enterprise IT strategy

While this workgoup can advise and recommend functional needs, it is the responsibility of the J-6 to set, build and sustain IT Enterprise strategy for the DHA.

Set DHA Enterprise Mobile Health strategy and policy

While we have identified this as a gap, it is not within the scope of this working group to set strategy and policy for the entire DHA.

Functional program / product management of mobile applications

This is also a gap and also outside the scope of this working group to address.