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Goal first, platform second

Make objective and strategy clear before choosing social media or posting contents.


“Everyone else has already bought it.”

Group mentality, lack of critical thinking skills, lack of decision making skills are one of the Japanese mentality.

So people do what other people do and buy what other people buy.

Ethnic joke to describe Japanese mentality

On a luxury cruise ship, the Titanic of Noah’s Arks if you will, every nationality in the world is represented on board. But suddenly the ship springs a leak and begins to sink. Sadly, there aren’t enough boats for everyone. The women and children have filled up all the boats, and the ship’s captain needs to persuade the men to jump into the sea. What does the captain say to each guy to make him jump?

To the Japanese… “Everyone else has already jumped.”

Furbo does it very well.

Instagram posts by/of users

Website has press coverage

Website has instagram feed by users.

“It’s easy to use petcube. It’s not scary high techy thing at all”.

Pet bloggers are not tech savvies

Avoid technical words like interactive 2 way HD 1680 dpi

Cute, not cool

Furbo instagram and facebook is full emojis.


Curating contents with #petcubejp tags

Create Twitter account and share articles about petcube in Japanese can be effective

Or we can do it on instagram or website or all of it.

Duplicating images from petcube international instagram account and write Japanese text.

Furbo does it.

News about Petcube

Keeping Cost low

Duplicating images from petcube international instagram account and write Japanese text.

Prepare 10-20 contents at once and schedule posting.

Recycle contents on twitter

This worked well on my previous job.

Google Alert - Media coverage sheet on google spreadsheet - share the post on FB or Twitter

Use twitter bot to increase follower on twitter?