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Website owners always want their website to be on the first SERP of Google. As Google updates its algorithms, it can affect the ranking positive as well as negative. If website owners do not follow google’s guidelines, Google will take required action against your website in this case, a website can be de-indexed from the search engine. If the right strategy is not applied it becomes difficult to save the website from getting a google penalty. Several penalties are given partially and for the whole website according to the type of violations. By following some common strategies you can save your website, you just have to follow the ideal strategies. Following are the methods for the google penalty recovery.

Understanding the Penalties:- These penalties are set by Google’s algorithms that keep updating from time to time. These algorithms are a set of rules, where a user needs to SEO work accordingly. The website’s rank will be definitely dropped after the penalty.
Reasons for penalties:- Any penalty ranking goes down always. These penalties are set by Google’s algorithms . If google found any violation for example, content which is copied from any other platform is considered as a penalty. Having a penalty from Google can lead to various consequences for the website owner. Some major manual penalties are cloaking and redirecting, mobile redirects, hidden texts, and pure spam.
Solution for the recovery:- You need to understand the SEO guidelines to get rid of penalties and recover from them. Most of the errors can be removed by following some of the common methods which are explained as follows. These redirections send the user to a different location instead of sending it to the searched page. It can be fixed by comparison of content on your website to the content visible to Google. Remove the redirects and send a reconsideration request. Make your website mobile-friendly and remove the third-party script elements on your webpage. You can get the entire information about SEO penalties in detail after visiting Visibility Gurus for the same.