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A Bus ride to Knights Bridge Mall from Mustafa Centre

Mustafa Centre

Shopping in Mustafa Centre is equivalent to shopping in a market but one that is indoor. The mall is jam packed with locals and tourists all-round the year. It will provide you with a distinctive experience because there are no retail outlets but one outlet selling multiple local and international brands. At Mustafa Centre you will find everything ranging from watches, electronics, clothing and accessories. On looking from the outside it looks like a regular building but as you enter you will realise that these are actually two stores joined into one. All goods here are sold under the brand name Mustafa. However, the most famous section here is the jewellery section. Jewellery apparently is quite cheap here in comparison to all other outlets. Mustafa also has a wide range to gifting options for friends and family back home. You will find a great range of accessories that are dirt cheap and of good quality. Most of the items sold here have an ethnic touch to them. From bags to costume jewellery everything here is made in Singapore.

One visit to this centre will not be enough to explore the entire place. Cheap suitcases are also available on sale and will prove to be useful if you have extra luggage to carry back home.

Public Bus Nos. 141, 21, 125 and 130 will take you to this Centre.

Singapore has a good network of roads and is very well connected. This makes traveling completely hassle free and convenient. If you are looking forward to visit all of the above places then i recommend you to travel by bus as not only will it save you some money but also time. Check out for quick ticket booking and awesome discounts!!

Knights Bridge Mall

Considered to be one of the best designed shopping malls in Singapore, the Mall is truly an architectural marvel. The best part is that the outlets are customisable to the extent that they can have their own private street access. You will be amazed looking at the restaurant. No way does it look like a dining place. It looks like a mall within itself. This mall is relatively new and eye-catching in Singapore’s shopping scene. Catering to its patrons with local and international brands this should be your go to place to shop for anything branded.

Knights bridge mall has a start of the art open terrace restaurant that offers a superb international dining experience while you gaze at the magnificent skyline of the city of Singapore. If you are looking forward to grabbing a drink or two the mall has two futuristic bars with just the right ambiance to get you in the mood.

There are plenty of recreational activities at the mall like Fashion shows and various product launches. So entertainment is on top of the list here. The mall is located in the prime location of Orchard Road.

Public Bus Nos. 9,10,22,52 and 74 will take you to this Centre.