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a Public Notebook

Thou shall be praised, the humble actants in this trouble.

Preliminary Notes

This draft of [[a Public Notebook]] contains early modules for a European Research Activism Project under the [[Horizon 2020]] umbrella.

It sketches the roles of different institutions within a broadly scoped process of reflection and action upon organized network activity.

Some requirements of the possibility (?) derive directly from my personal private research.


They are a very requirement for the success of this initiative.

I am calculating with something between EUR 150.000,00 and 250.000,00.

Financial Needs

Financial Strategy


the Virtual Entourage

small is beautiful

: Nomadic Infrastructure & Ethical Hosting

[[Third-party people]] / Indiehosting




+[[IN-BERLIN]] +[[uberspace]] +[[c-base]] +IndieWeb +Mozilla +Unhosted +FSF +EFF

practicality beats purity

: Localized Activism & Distributed Action





+[[orangotango]] +[[Trail & Error]] +[[respire asso]] +Mundraub +workstation +Institute of Network Cultures +[[fwd:social]]

fail early and fail often

: Conglomeration Aggregates


[[Open Knowledge Foundation]]

[[id22: experimentcity]]


+[[Shareable]] +[[Wikipedia]] +[[Goethe Institutes]] +UNESCO +giz +P2P Foundation


Method and Process

engineering federation interfaces

mutual civic education

supranational self-organization


Lasting Results

LOV recommendations for federated action

Organizing Networks

Ways of Desire

in both senses: the literal one involving physical space + the allegoric one involving 3³ dimensional spaces.

literal: site: Kaisergarten. performative intervention

allegoric: [[liquid views]]³.

¹ [[temporal]]

² [[spatial]]

¹ ² v [[spatiotemporal]] [[topotime]]

³ topologic: represented by a [[named]] federated wiki graph. computation and visualization through flow based interfaces.


  • discodns
  • authentication
  • foaf (indirectly by actions)

tld terms from verbs and adjectives, adverbs, etc.