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Develoopment (build up to the thesis)


Unfortunately not everyone gets that they want.

This essay its gonna be about 3 important aspects in my life, my family, my goals and my hobbies.

Body Paragraph 1

Topic sentence

Supporting Details

Concluding sentence

If i achieved all of my goals for sure I’m gonna be the happiest person in the world.

  • Get a good score in the ACT Test

  • Get a job in Wal-Mart

  • Learn how to survive without my parents

Body Paragraph 2

Topic Sentence

Supporting Details

Concluding sentence

One of my favorite hobbies to do during the day

  • Play videogames with my little brother
  • Watch sports on the TV

  • Go to the gym in the afternoons

Body Paragraph 3

Topic sentence

Supporting Details

Concluding sentence

My family is formed by 4 people: my little brother, my dad, my mom and me.

  • My father is a lawyer he works very hard to make sure that all of our family’s needs are taken care of.
  • My mother works in my house

  • My little brother is too playful


Paraphrase thesis

Paraphrase topic sentences

Final thoughts

I think that I need to strive a lot to reach my goals because lately I had a really bad days and lots of failures, so I need to improve and reach my goals, so I can be more happy