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Whether you are looking for a highly efficient industrial air compressor Treatment and Dust Filters Christchurch, please call us today! When most teams sleep or are on holiday, our experienced team of professional support technicians works around the clock to ensure your factory is covered, whatever the time of day.

All of screw compressors offer maximum reliability, highly efficient operation and extremely easy maintenance. Whether with oil-injection cooling or oil-free, frequency-controlled, belt-driven or directly coupled – these sturdy machines form the backbone of industry.

Call us today for all Compressed Air Housings Christchurch, Sales and Service in Christchurch enquiries 64 3-3598211 today. Allied Air Compressors providing sales and service support for the comprehensive range of water and process filtration treatment equipment supplied to industry. Our large range of accessories for your compressed air system including hose reels, air hose, high-flow and safety couplers, blow guns and condensate drains.

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Allied Air Compressors knows that a compressor by itself isn’t very useful. It’s the air tools it powers as modern air compressors Christchurch have several methods to combat this problem. Some have built in after coolers and water separators to remove excess moisture. In some applications this may be all you require. This has been the leader in air compressors for literally decades and they produce a full line of filters, refrigeration dryers, dryers, and cooling systems for modern air compressors. When we talk about air purifiers we generally are discussing about either ionic air purifiers or air purifiers or may be the more controversial ozone air purifiers. This is normal as they represent the basic technology behind air purifiers and they should be treated with importance. But what tends to get left out in all the discussion is the importance of the pre-filter in an air purifier.

The air compressors Christchurch are built to capture any particulates floating in the air which are above the size. However some pre-filters are designed to trap particulates only above the size of any microns. Now particulates of that size would mean pre-filters are effective against pet hair and larger dust particles. But the question would be, why we should need air compressors Christchurch at all since these particulates can be easily trapped by a normal filter so they could have easily captured the pet hair or the larger dust particles. But using them for capturing particulates of larger sizes will significantly reduce their efficiency.

Allied Air Compressors Christchurch offers a comprehensive selection of compressed air system products that remain proudly manufactured. We are also has quickly established long-term relationships with both our clients and suppliers, enabling a turn-key solution of all rotary screw compressed air.

Building strong long-term relationships has been one of the keys to our success, this is particularly important with the relationship Allied Air Compressors has forged with many of the world’s most respected manufacturers of dust, Vacuum Separator Elements & Process Filtration Christchurch.

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View some of our latest Compressed Air Treatment Christchurch projects, money saving tips to put profits back into your bottom line, and interesting compressed air to improve your system. Allied Air Compressors are committed to helping businesses maximise their productivity, save on operating expenses and become a positive contributor to the environment.

Comprehensive Range of Air Compressors in Christchurch We have a large number of suppliers and databases and will find what you need Compressed Air Treatment in Christchurch We offer a just in time service to keep our customers and our own inventory manageable.

Allied Air Compressors was started as a privately owned New Zealand Company in 2001 after its owner worked for over 30 years for multi-national companies. We now have a combined period of 90 years in the industry. We understand the need for accurate information backed with quality product. We offer a just in time service to keep our customers and our own inventory manageable. Our vision is to be the “Go To Supplier” for information, product advice and delivery of quality product to the compressed air and process industry.

We offer fully integrated end to end water treatment solutions and Screw Compressors Christchurch for the public sector. Allied Air Compressors have played significant roles in solving filtration problems with customer-focused solutions. Feel free to click on our local website, below, to see what we can offer.

Oil And Separator Filters Christchurch

Many people do not truly understand what is in the air they are breathing. Using oil and separator filters Christchurch you can capture as much as of the particles in the air that are causing health problems. This is the majority of toxins that are in the air and causing you or a family member a host of problems. If you could remove these toxins easily, would you? Most people do not realize how simple this process really is. In the land of air purifier filters, the filter is the king. This particular air purifier filter removes the most pollutants with up to removed. This means you may not find the air purifier filter that fits your needs perfectly at the first store you go. You may need to look around at several stores in order to locate your particular air purifier filter.

Some oil and separator filters Christchurch are more expensive, depending upon the quality of the filter. For example, filters are always more expensive. However, these air purifier filters are of a much higher quality than other standard air purifier filters, which makes them worth the additional cost. When you are trying to manage the health of your family, it is a good idea to find the best filters possible for your air purifier.

In these days of economic recessions, it is no surprise a lot of folks are asking for cheap air filters. We all know the importance of having air filters around us, whether in our residence, workplace or even in the automobile. Hence, you are doing the right thing now by seeking for sales and service Christchurch that will not dig a hole in your pocket. In spite of this, you must be very alert during your pursuit. You must make sure that you are acquiring the correct product. In other words, you must consider the size of the place you want install it before buying. It is wrong installing a room air filter for the whole house and vice versa. The device will not work well. Also, you must know if the product can do away with the impurities you are trying to get rid of. You must also not forget to know the amount of dirt or impurities the product can get rid of. While some can eliminate the invisible impurities, others are not as valuable.