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Amazing Facts About the Snakes

Snakes are known as marmite of the animal kingdom. Many people fear of these elongated reptiles. There are more than 3000 different species of these cunning and scariest creatures on the earth. However, there are numerous things that people do not about these aggressive creatures. Here is a list of some unique traits mentioned by the snake catchers in Brisbane:

• Snakes with Two Heads
Few rare snakes are also born with the two heads. Each head has the brain and each brain controls the shared body. As both heads try to control the body and go in another direction, this results in unusual movement. Due to this, the snakes with two heads do not survive for long.

• Snakes Can’t Blink
Snakes do not have the eyelids and there is a transparent scale known as brille that protects the eyes.

• Some Animals are Immune to Snake Bite
Some snake catchers in North Brisbane stated that in the World, few animals are immune to the snake bites. In case they get bitten by a snake, they do not seem to get affected by venom. The list of such animals includes opossum, honey badger, mongoose, hedgehog, etc.

• Long Life
The snakes can live up to 100 years, whereas the captive snakes can survive for around 170 years.

• Snake Can Eat Bigger Things Easily
One of the scarier facts about the snakes is that their jaws are not fixed to the skull. Instead, their jaws are connected loosely, which allows the snake to open their mouth for about 150 degrees to swallow the prey.

• Some Snake Species Can Fly
As per snake catchers in Moreton Bay, there are around 5 species of flying snakes. Just like some webbed lizards, the species of the flying snakes can glide over 100 meters.

• Snakes Use Tongues for Navigation
Most of the snakes have a poor hearing as well as eyesight. Therefore, they rely on the tongue in order to navigate and locate the prey.
Along with these, it is important to note that snakes can survive for around 2 years without food. In case you find a snake in your backyard, calling an expert for snake removal in Brisbane is an ideal solution.