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Amit Bhosale

Mr. Amit Bhosale is the managing director and head of ABIL group’s Real-Estate and Hospitality businesses.
An astute visionary with strong professional and academic background, Mr. Amit Bhosale is the young and dynamic managing director of ABIL group. He is particularly responsible for overseeing the conceptualization and execution of several luxury real-estate projects across Pune’s upscale and posh neighborhoods. Owing to his fresh perspective and modern sensibilities, Mr. Amit Bhosale understands what it takes to dominate the premium real-estate culture of India. His insight has led to ABIL group establishing a strong foothold in Pune’s high-end real estate landscape. With a mission to expand his efforts to other major cities of India, Mr. Amit Bhosale plans to cement ABIL group as a highly revered and recognized name in India’s luxury real-estate scene.