Anime characters I could cosplay:
Annie Leonhardt, Attack on Titan
a) I have her nose(just more attractive and suits me, of course!)
b) same height (5”)
All I need it a wig. I could half-ass cosplay Annie with modern clothing, you know, contribute in modern Live action movies. The usual.
Ciel Phantomhive, Black Butler
a) srsly man. Same height (5”)
b) I got dat concern and serious face
c) I know who my Sebastian is…
I know, I know, Ciel’s a boy, and even though half the cosplayers out there that are feminine and cosplay male anime characters despite it failing, I’m still gonna cosplay him.
May end up looking like this:
Haruhi Fujioka, OHSHC
a) I’m ALMOST her height (Moi’s: 5” vs. Haruhi’s: 5”1)
b) you could say I look like Haruhi with long, curly-wurly hair. You could.
I think I could cosplay Haruhi is well…I guess we have the same potential. I’m a real-life Haruhi if you think about it.