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Antollino PLLC

Antollino PLLC., is a famous civil rights attorney who provides professional legal services to help people who have suffered illegal discrimination at work. With years of experience in hand, his specialization lies in employment law, civil rights, wage theft and more. From employment law, discrimination, sexual harassment to unpaid wages and overtime, he focuses his law practice in protecting the legal rights of his clients by representing them legally.

Civil Rights Attorney New York

Are you looking for a top-rated Civil Rights Attorney in New York? Look no further than Antollino PLLC. We assist individuals who have been the victims of police brutality or other infringements upon their civil rights. Contact us today! For more information visit us at:

Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer NYC

Don’t let anyone take advantage of your condition and raise the voice against pregnancy discrimination at workplace by consulting the popular pregnancy discrimination lawyer in NYC at Antollino PLLC. We are dedicated to ending discrimination in the workplace, one case at a time and the moment you become our client, you will be the center of our attention. For more information visit us at:

Sexual Orientation Lawyer NYC

Say big “NO” to unwanted physical or verbal sexual advances at workplace by raising your voice against it with the assistance of experienced sexual orientation lawyer in NYC from Antollino PLLC. We take such cases very seriously and treat the client with full respect as we have represented a number of clients with such claims. For more information visit us at:

Sexual Harassment Laws in New York

As the nation continues to experience a growing number of instances of sexual misconduct being reported, employees in New York State have good reason to wonder how or what can be done to protect people in the workplace. For more information visit us at:

Your Guide to Discrimination in the Workplace

A covered employer cannot discriminate against you because you – or your partner – has a disability, or has had a disability in the past, such as cancer. A covered employer must also provide you with reasonable accommodations that would be considered a reasonable expense for the employer. For more information visit us at: