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Gemstone Jewellery in Australia

Aqua Gems Jewels is one of the trusted Gems precious stones and gemstone jewellery in Australia with many years of experience in different countries. We are passionate about these rare, natural stones and have our business roots in East Africa and now getting them for you as individual gems and gemstone jewelry in Australia. We deal with the deeply rooted gemstone business houses in Tanzania, that has some of the oldest rocks which were formed many million years ago. We understand your love for gems and gemstone jewelry, hence we handcraft each piece of Gemstone Jewelry with lot of compassion. Being one of the established family business owners of Gemstones in Tanzania and now in Australia we provide all most every type of these rarest and finest gems and gemstone jewelry. No matter whether you are looking for those exotic, natural purple tanzanite stones to be part of your jewelry or the passionate red ruby or beautiful tsavorite we have all stored for you.

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Tanzanite Rings in Australia

Tanzanite rings Australia are widely adaptable due to its richness, uniqueness, rarity, and exclusivity and we are getting it to Australia for you. Scientist and geology experts belives that these rarest gemstones are made by unique conditions brought on by the eruption of Mount Kilimanjaro and will never be discovered in any other location of the world. Tanzanite jewelry is loved due to its cut that gives the stone look of fire, luster, and brilliance. There are nine types of cuts you can discover in tanzanite gemstones. These sparkling beautiful blue gemstones that you loved to see around your finger in your ring, pendent on your neck or in your earrings is cut carefully and polished by our expert craftsmen. No matter you are looking for Tanzanite rings, earrings, Pendants or bracelets we have perfect pieces for you. Here are some of our highly admired exotic velvety blue Tanzanite jewelry pieces.

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Precious Gemstones Australia Wide

Gemstones Australia give their best results when they transmit energy through nerves which appear on your fingers and also they are constantly touching the same place and same nerve of your body and this way they supply comparatively better transmission of energy to your body in comparison to the Gemstones in the Pendent which may sometime touch your skin and sometime not. Also the exact length of the chain containing the Pendent is debatable and whether or not it touches any nerves at all is again a question. So in my opinion, it is always better to wear Gemstones in the fingers. The first thought that pops up in people’s minds when they hear the word jewelry is a diamond and most likely, a great big diamond.

For many, it is a diamond engagement ring that they think of. People are so focused on diamonds -sometimes also known as a girl’s best friend that they forget there are other types of precious stones that you can get. You have precious stones like rubies, amethyst, emeralds, and others just like them that would look beautiful in just about any piece of jewelry you set them on. Sapphire jewelry, for example, is popular gifts and was even a favorite of royalty in days passed.

To me, it is a wonder why anyone would want to pass up the opportunity to get their wife or loved one gemstones Australia of any sort. These colored gemstones are beautiful to say the least. It is very rare for someone to have colored gemstone jewelry because most people just buy diamond ones. Do not get me wrong, I am not saying it is a bad choice but people should give a little bit more thought and originality to their jewelry gifts. Besides the color of the stone, everything else is the same when you compare colored gemstones and diamonds. They can still be shaped however you want and can be placed in any setting just as easily as a diamond.

From personal experience, gemstone jewelry catches my eye way more than diamonds do. I think it is because I have seen so many people wearing diamond jewelry that it has become a normal thing for me. I would see it, maybe admire it for about a second, and then turn away. But if I were to see a woman wearing jewelry that has been encrusted with colored gemstones I tend to admire it a bit longer, especially if it is a ruby. Full disclosure, my favorite color is red so a woman wearing ruby jewelry will definitely catch my eye. Gemstones Australia is an excellent way to customize your ring, necklace, earrings, etc. specific for her. You know when she was born so why not get her jewelry associated with her birth month?

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Round Cut Diamonds Australia

Diamond form the foundation of the world’s most precious jewellery and are used as an accompaniment to our gemstones to help showcase their beauty. Undoubtedly diamonds are the great choice when it comes to choosing your engagement or wedding ring. This exclusive and rare gemstone is not only purchased for wearing in fingers. Round cut diamonds are also good investments. While choosing an exclusive ring for your love make sure to choose the best cuts as cuts matter a lot in gemstones. A proper cut gives diamonds a great value-enhancing its uniqueness, radiance, and exclusivity. Round cut diamonds in Australia is more widely loved due to its brilliance and fierce look. This is one of the eldest and popular shapes for diamonds. These are not only the most admired diamond cuts and it is also expensive.

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