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Note: Alan/Aries are the same person but at different times in his life/unlife he goes by one name or the other, I’ve simply

Carthian Notes:

His position is “We are Stronger Together than Alone. Peace, Blood, & Work. If the Kine are well we will be well. When the Revolution happens. Join it! or else…”
His Mission is “Keep the Kine healthy, and seek to promote justice for them. Prepare for the inevitable fall of capitalism and be ready to support Revolutionaries. Seek to understand Crucibles and how they can make the world ready for the revolution”

Thoughts on the 4 pillars

Tolerance within Reason: Aries has benefited from the level of tolerance within the movement. His extreme views when he was a neonate could, and in any other covenant would have, resulted in his destruction. As a result of this Aries extends as much tolerance as he possible can to others in the movement, often forgiving slights from fellow Carthians that he would demand a trivial boon from other kindred to overlook.
Collective Action: Aries strives very hard to live up to this ideal. His night to night requiem when not supporting the herd and striving to raise their awareness is spent in assisting his fellow Carthians in their Experiments, even when he disagrees with them. After all “We are stronger together than alone”
Individual Rights: This is the pillar of the movement that Aries is weakest in. In many ways he views individual rights as ideal to be attained once a Communist Style Government is set up and functioning. He often wants to censure members of the movement not “pulling their weight”, and is willing to trample on rights if he feels it is in the interests of justice.
Duty to be a Complete Being: Aries has in recent history revised his views on this, adopting a more humanistic approach when compared to his previous revolutionary approaches, or his hands off approach in the 1970-80’s. Striving to help the Herd thrive, and not make them the subjects of his experiments.

Narodnaia Volia - Ancient Bloodlines( pg.
Covenant Status 3
Clan Status 3
Tie to Lorna Zelan

CCD & Plotkit Essays

Humanity 5

“Traditional Civility”


  1. Pick the role that best describes how your character interacts with mortal society, and explain why you adopted it shortly after Embrace (or, for older characters, after the Crucible mentioned above) (These roles are more fully defined in Danse Macabre, pages 43 – 54):
    In some way or another Aries has always tried to share his hope for a glorious future “after the revolution” has resulted in his being a political guru.

  2. Describe how your character fills this role: how does he or she pull it off, how does it determine how he or she feeds, etc.
    The combination of Serendipity and Majesty provide Aries with what appears to be a deep insight to the problems of the Kine he interacts with. He uses the blood sharing rituals of the Narodnaia Viola as a cover for feeding.

    1. Describe a specific interaction with mortals that is typical for your character. Try to be somewhat detailed: include elements that occur again and again during your characters’ interactions.
      Aries repeatedly arranges to feed on mortals by solving their problems and making use of entrancement to be inside their personal space. Once inside their personal space he will strike relying on the Kiss, and later use of majesty and serendipity to explain away what happened. He might trip into a factory worker while giving him a ride home from a late swing shift, steal some blood from his neck, and then somehow manage to pull a joke or explanation out of his ass that the confused mortal will accept, since being eaten is so much worse than whatever he came up with.

Now, think about what would jar your character into thinking “this is different.” Essentially describe something that might have happened that made you’re character realize that mortals are acting slightly different these nights, more aware of hidden dangers. Think of something that may have happened to your character or someone your character knows, as opposed to something that was a national or global incident. Describe what happened with the mortals after, and how this personal incident changes how you deal with them. Try to use the interaction you described in number 3.

One of those factory workers Aries has eaten was a young closeted gay man named Tom. This man came out to Aries, and declared his love for him several months later. Aries was a product of his times and views homosexuality as a Bourgeoisie disease, being spread and promoted to weaken the Proletariat. The idea that anyone was interpreting his feeding as a come on, and that he might be viewed as gay has troubled him ever since, as has the young man who is now a leader in the local LGBTQA community, and is convinced that Aries is deep in the closet himself.

The important thing is how these questions affect your role­play. List two or three different mannerisms or actions that you can portray or do to show that your character was prompted to change his or her normal nightly routine; tell us how this has changed your role­play of your PC.
Aries strives to keep some kind of hope alive for the Kine he preys upon, and to promote a vigorous and healthy community(who wants to eat sickly and weak food anyhow). This results in a deep connection to the problems of local Kine, and a tendency to owe boons to other kindred in exchange for freedom to meddle in their feeding grounds or domain to solve these problems.
Aries is even more violently homophobic after his encounter with Tom. His personal revulsion at it is nearly enough to compel a frenzy check, and he views the insinuation that he might be gay as the most deadly insult anyone might offer him.
Part II: The Monster

1.    Pick the role that best describes how your character interacts with kindred society, and explain why you picked it

For all that Aries manages to find a suave political self in his masquerade his background as a soldier and his envy of the Invictus and other ruling types have made him more of an enforcer. At the end of the day all of his smiles and boons are backed up with the fact that he can and will start a war against his enemies if they decide to push things to far.

2.    How do you fulfill your role? What makes you good at it? Where might you have room for improvement? 

Aries has spent the better part of his requiem as a soldier, and his connections in the Narodnaia provide him with many mortal goons who will gladly engage in various acts of sabotage for him. He values his requiem and tries to act through proxies if at all possible. In the event that is not possible he begins working to ensure he can win any impending war quickly as the last thing he wants is long drawn out hostilities.

3.    If you have a problem with another vampire, how do you seek to solve it? What tools can give you the upper hand? 

Aries relies on his superior mortal connections to gain control of something that vampire needs. Using that item as the Carrot, and himself as the Stick he aims to convince them that it is better for everyone involved if they stop being a problem.

4.    Describe a scenario you would like to see for your character, where he or she can fulfill his or her role. Focus on a conflict your storyteller could present to you, what you find interesting about that conflict, and how it would reveal aspects of your character you don’t normally get to share. 

I would love an opportunity to be compelled to choose between ideological purity and actually helping people. Aries tries to be a “Good Communist” but is also a bleeding heart who tries to help the kine as much as possible. A group of union hunters messing with people he has tried to help might be interesting. Especially as he cannot simply murder them, and they are unlikely to come to view him as not-a-threat.
Aries believes firmly that everyone should contribute to society. I would love to make a constant side plot out of him trying to get less active members of the court to contribute to it’s success.

5.    List any non­combat merits or powers your character has that you don’t feel you get the opportunity to use. Offer examples of scenarios that would let your character shine in a non­combat scene. 

Strangely enough I do not feel as though Aries will be short of opportunities to make use of his noncombat merits or powers. The combination of Carthian Pull, Majesty & Serendipity provide my character with a great deal of immediate flexibility in solving things without violence.
At court Aries could say just the right thing at just the right moment to calm a kindred who is slipping towards frenzy. This could be especially interesting if he makes use of it to save his rival’s some face and accumulate boons, or achieve recognition from the harpy.
The combination of being able to pull up just the right contacts, and having access to low levels of auspex could make him a great accelerator for investigative plots. He doesn’t have the skills to analyze the clues himself, but he sure can help find them and point them out to those PCs who can.

Part III: The Whole Wide World


1.    Create a mortal NPC. The mortal should be ordinary and doesn’t need much detail... give them a name, a short description, and a relationship to a loved one

Tom Marks is an activist in local LGBTQA community and a CNA working in the local hospital. He has numerous contacts in the local community and is often the go-to guy for people who need help dealing with a workplace discrimination conflict, or finding housing after conflict with roommates.

2.    Present a scenario where that mortal can complicate a vampire’s existence. 

Tom could trace a particular vampire down as the one spreading HIV, or some other STD through the local community.
Tom and his partner have made it their personal project to convince Aries that he is gay and will be happier as an out and proud gay man than as a closeted perpetually single man married to his work.

3.    List three ways that a vampire might be able to solve this problem non­violently. 

Tom could be an exceptionally useful ghoul to a kindred interested in making use of the local gay men as his personal herd. While he is smart and motivated he is as vulnerable to disciplines and any mortal and has a great deal of access to a particular community of Kine.
Redirecting Toms attention to some other target(other PC, or perhaps simply a vanilla injustice), and becoming his ally in solving that problem could potentially re-direct him from investigating a PC.
It is possible that a particularly devious PC(perhaps a morbus) could arrange to Tom to be found to have been HIV positive and intentionally spreading it, which would completely destroy his reputation in the community and prevent him from gaining the support of others in trying to investigate and unmask a kindred.

4.    Describe how killing this mortal can backfire on the killer 

Tom is WELL known in the local community and his extended absence would be noticed. If the body is found it is likely that there be local candle-light vigils, and various people trying to find out what really happened. Someone mysterious who is afraid of fire who had been known to associate with Tom may very well find their haven, or other merits under intense scrutiny from the police and local activists.

U.S. Character Creation Development Document      

What has lead to your Character thinking the way it does? What has it seen, heard and felt over the years. This does not only apply to Vampires, but all creatures. What events have transformed your Character? Draw from Real Life™ history, as well as the created World of Darkness and in-Game history to provide pivotal points in your Character’s existence. Answer the following questions, and attach your brief, point form, history.

  1. Describe your character’s life before becoming a supernatural being. Where and when was he or she born, raised, etc? What individuals were his or her peers and family?

Alan was born to an upwardly mobile family in 1904, and raised with all the privilege they could afford for him. His mother was a suffragette, and his father the owner of a furniture factory. He was sent to private school, and the best college he could get into.

His early childhood involved him staying at home with his mother and she took him with her as she attended suffragist meetings, or invited women of all social classes over to paint signs, or read from pamphlets or other women’s rights material. Around the time he was 10 or 12 one of his mothers suffragette friends turned him on to socialism, and his father responded by sending him off to boarding school. That was the last time he would live permanently at home.

This brief familiarity became full on communist activism at college, where he studied philosophy & economics.There became swept up in local Labor politics, and finally his father took Alan abroad on an extended vacation to try

  1. Who brought your character into the World of Darkness, and why? Describe the events that transpired— or, at least, your character’s understanding of them.
    Alan was embraced in a fit of inspiration by Lorna Zelan, for reasons he is still unsure of. Over a week she groomed him for the embrace and convinced him to travel to Istanbul where she embraced him. His embrace changed his political views, as the weakness of Daeva blood took hold he found his frustration at inequality and socialist sentiments blossoming into, petty theft, inappropriate verbal sparing, and eventually violence against those he deemed “oppressors”. Over time he came to see that even the Oppressor is oppressed by the system and that eliminating them will not change the system.

  2. What were the most important personal events in your character’s existence, personally or historically? How is each important? (Consider: First loves, marriages, serious illnesses/injuries, family/relations, crime/punishment, education, jobs/careers, historical events)

    The dim memory and records of his bitter dispute with his father over communism, and choosing not to return to the united states left Aries with a sense that he should be Loyal to his new parent, and a loyalty to linage and clan that is a bit more than is usual in kindred society.

    The Greek Civil War of ’46 left Aries with his nickname following a minor breech of the masquerade where he demonstrated superhuman strength and timing in saving a fellow DSE fighter after a truck rolled onto him. He later inducted this fighter into the Narodnaia Viola, and ghouled him. (He passed away, or perhaps went rogue during one of Aries’s torpid periods).

    The Cuban revolution convinced Aries that participation in mortal revolutions was not a productive use of his unlife, and that he should return to the USA to participate more fully in the Danse Macrabe.

Far and away the most important event in Aries’s unlife was WWII, and his participation in the partisan fighting to free Yugoslavia from Nazi occupation. He like many other soldiers at the time found himself enthralled by the struggle and a strong sense of personal loyalty to Tito(despite never having the opportunity to meet him himself). This loyalty, combined with the other formative experiences I have mentioned to lead him to be non-aligned with respect to conspiracies, and advocate for self-managed coteries under a communist praxis as the ideal domain government. It also informed his nationalist views, that each place must reach communism in it’s own way, and the best he can do is encourage conditions under which the kine may be able to complete the process for themselves.

  1. Think about the key abilities that your character possesses— personal aptitudes, supernatural powers, or mundane skills that must be learned from experience. List them, and list how they were acquired (educational background, mentorship, etc.)

    The key skill-set Aries possesses is combat leadership, he is an exceptional soldier, and capable(particularly with the use of disciplines) of being an inspiring leader. I Imagine him making use of Awe on his squad, and using that bonus to ensure successful use of the Small Unit Tactics merit. He learned these skills while participating in partisan fighting during WWII, and actively practiced them in the time since.

His experience as revolutionary has given him a strong political sense, how wheeling and dealing is done, and how to get leverage on others, how to convince others to follow your favored course, and how to hide your motives when he must.

    Additionally he has gone out of his way to ensure a basic level of competence in many things. He may not be a professional, but he can figure out what needs to be done and who to ask to do it.      

  2. Identify why you chose each negative characteristic on your sheet (flaw, negative trait, derangement, etc) and how it affects your character’s sense of self.

In his mortal life Alan was an indifferent student, and his weak mental skills & statistics reflect that.

Alan’s vice of Envy a. shapes his political views and his commitment to equality of outcome. b. has lead him to undermine people who could be his allies      

  1. Who would remember or recognize your character? Is, or was, your character famous in some way?

    There are a large number of working class mortals who know Aries through his efforts to “be a good neighbor” and encourage unionization of industry in cache valley.

    Aries has never been famous beyond his immediate shadow cult, squad, or city.      

  2. What was the first supernatural power (discipline, gift, spell) your character learned/realized? Why this one?

    As a new embrace Majesty manifested for Aries on the embrace. This is likely due to his soft upbringing as a mortal, and his perceived lack of need to be physically capable. The first power he actually learned was Serendipity, it’s unique mindset of being open to possibilities and waiting to act until the world is ready for you has slowly seeped into Aries’s way of doing the danse, and his views of how the revolution will come to pass.      

  3. Is this your character’s original identity? If not, describe their past identities and how/why they changed them.

    Alan’s birth identity was shed by the end of the Greek Civil War and he had simply gone by the name Aries since. He has often fabricated last names to go with his nickname, but never gone to any lengths to establish paper trails or depth to these identities.


  1. What languages does your character speak, and how or when were they learned? How does your character keep them from being forgotten?

    Aries Speaks English & Spanish in day to day life, and thus has not lost his facility with those languages. He learned the other languages during his travels in Eastern Europe.
    Aries has kept records of his past in Serbo-Croatian, Greek, and Turkish, and his facility with those languages is mostly kept up by his decisions to continue to maintain his journal in each of the languages he knows. He reads the paper, and updates his journal each weekday in the appointed language.
    Monday - English,
    Tuesday - Turkish,
    Wednesday - Serbo-Croatian
    Thursday - Greek
    Friday - Spanish

  1. What emotionally significant possessions/mementos does your character have from his or her “old” life? (photos, journals, jewelry, childhood possessions, creative works, etc.)

    The only real connection to his Mortal life that Aries possesses are the letters he wrote to his father from the time he left for France until he was sentenced to torpor by the Invictus of Istanbul. They are carefully kept in a safe in his haven, along with his notes, and folders of newspaper clippings he uses to keep his history strait as he is well aware of the risks of losing who he is in the fog of ages.      

The methods with which your character deals with daily, or nightly, life is essential to who they are and how they function. This is more than simple routine, and may be learned or instinctual—the result of careful instruction or centuries of practice. It also reflects their attitude toward others—whether they keep friends, follow the law, or enjoy hobbies.

  1. Where are your character’s Havens, Sanctums, Hollows, etc? Describe them – go into detail.

    Aries’s home is a small home in south-west Logan, Utah. His ghouls both live relatively normal lives, as far as the neighbors can tell at least, in the upper areas of the home, and the single room in the basement has been secured to be an effective refuge and workplace for Aries.
    He also has access to various safe houses represented by the Carthian Pull. These are pre-prepared hiding places usually in the sheds of allies or contacts that have been made secure against the sun, and casual interference.

  2. Why does your character live where he/she does (city, nation, neighborhood, etc)?

    Aries choose Logan to live in because it’s combination of isolation, and being an economy in transition from Agriculture to light industry as the city industrializes seemed a likely place to conduct the kind of requiem he wishes to.

  3. Does your character routinely drive, fly, or use public transportation for a daily commute? Does he or she vary their routine? Why? If they have to travel a long distance, how would they choose to do so?
    Aries drives an old beater pick-up around town in his nightly affairs. He chooses them because they are inexpensive to replace, and unremarkable in Logan. His routine is quite varied as he tries to encourage local workers to organize, and generally be a “good neighbor” to them. Common Tasks might be: Helping a family move, Meeting with workers who believe they have a grievance against management, getting leverage on a local business man.

When forced to travel a long distance Aries is likely to choose to carpool in a RV, blacking out the back of the vehicle and keeping it on the road day and night with the help of his ghouls.      

  4. Does he or she have any servants, retainers, or other allies? Who does he or she contact to ‘get things done’?

    Aries maintains a pair of ghouls who pose as husband and wife      

  5. What does your character do for entertainment? Why?      

  6. Do public/private records of your character, mortal or otherwise, exist? (Police, government, school, employment, taxation, birth/death certificate) How does he/she keep these up-to-date (drivers’ license, vehicle registration, etc)?      

  7. How does your character acquire and spend money? (Credit cards, bank accounts, investments, bills, taxes, etc)      

  8. Describe your character’s significant possessions— vehicles, weapons, works of art, supernatural artifacts, collections, etc.      

The concept for your character is how your character is perceived by others and by himself or herself. For some characters, this view applies to a current understanding; for others, the character concept is related to the character’s behavior and feelings from centuries ago. Either way, the character concept sets the overall theme for how the character is played.

Personal Identity

  1. First, summarize your character concept in 5 words or less. Then, if you would like, summarize your character concept in a paragraph or less.
         Cynical revolutionary who won’t give up.

  2. What would an average stranger’s appraisal of your character’s appearance or personality be?      

  3. According to your character, what is the world (or the World of Darkness) like? What shaped this belief of the outside world?      

  4. How would your character describe himself/herself in an autobiography (if being completely honest)? Does he/she have a personal code of ethics, or perhaps believe in a religion? What are his/her political leanings, nationalism, or cultural identity?      

  5. What are your character’s most profound desires, secrets, or prejudices? How does these manifest in the character’s behavior?      

  6. Why does your character belong to his or her faction, if there is a choice? (Invictus, Blood Talon, Anarch, etc.)? What are his or her feelings toward them, or toward their opposition?      

  7. What are your character’s specific goals, and how does he/she hope to accomplish them?      

  8. Does your character dream, have nightmares, etc? What about?      

  9. What can you do to make this character ‘stand out’? Identify quirks, manner of dress, and distinct props to make the character distinct in-game.      


Mortal Life - Almost completely Lost to the Fog
Initial BG sketch notes:
Alan “Aries” mortal life is lost to the mists of repeated torpor in his service to Party, and Movement. What he does recall suggests he was born in the eastern united states around the turn of the Century. and attended university in the 20s. In particular a sheaf of letters between him and his mortal father point to his being embraced on a summer vacation trip to France in 1924.

He would write his father “I have just met the most enchanting woman at the cafe late in this evening evening. We stayed up nearly until dawn discussing politics and what is required to bring justice to pass. I was so enthralled that I forgot to ask her name, but I think you would like her, she says that violence will only bring about repressions, and that slow reform is the only way to make genuine progress. Sounds a lot like you to me”

  1. 1926-1927 - The good luck of Serendipity encourages Alan’s extremist tendencies, He manages to survive scrapes that should have killed him, and to explain away violence before the court, somehow there is always a witness who watched the other party initiate violence. Eventually Alan is implicated in the final death of an Elder’s un-released childe, and he is implicated in the crime. The elder refrains from destroying him for reasons Alan does not know, and instead stakes him and leaves Alan’s torpid form in his basement.

1927 - 1941 Torpid with a stake in his chest.



  1. April 1941 - Aries awakens from torpor when the bombing of Belgrade causes the stake to be dislodged from his chest. He finds himself in a small haven in a tidy coffin, a small sheaf of letters and a rucksack beside him. The sheaf of correspondence contains copies of letters between himself and his father from the time of his vacation to Europe until his disappearance, and includes several penned by Lorna to cover up his disappearance, including a notice of death from the local magistrate. At the bottom of the stack is a short letter from Lorna reminding him that he would be dead and the blood slave of the Invictus if she had not seen him shipped to Belgrade. Also in the letter are several tasks. [Tasks are TBD since I’d like it to be a surprise to me as well, but they could be a good way to seed plot. I would like at least one long range general task here though.] . (Specific Memory)
  1. 1941-1945 - Fights on the side of Communist Partisans on the Yugoslavian Front. (Montage Memory - Room Character Ties)
  1. 1946 - Joins other “hot bloods” in traveling to Greece to fight on the side of the DSE in the Greek Civil War. While there he violates the masquerade and earns the nickname Aries. (Montage Memory - Room for Character ties)


  1. 1954 - Cuba - After seeing how poorly the Greek revolution went Aries decides to go and Observe the revolution in Cuba. His remaining memories are of discussing current events, and political philosophy while watching baseball games with Lorenzo Byzanz (

Torpor: Towards the end of the fighting $(Make a Tie for this!) beats Aries into torpor. Aries wakes rapidly not having had time for his BP to raise in the intervening years.


1961: The Bay of Pigs invasion under JFK saw a radical shift in the training of the American Military forces as counter-revolutionary militia are trained and funded by the CIA. This drastic change in military training and techniques helped to propel a change in how the American Kindred (particularly the OD, Invictus and Carthians) engaged in military battle. A group of Invictus Spina train in this new counter-revolutionary militia, moving the American Invictus into a period of transition and modern warfare abilities.



1982-1990 - Voluntary Torpor - Aries realizes that maintaining his sanity in the face of a rapidly changing world and an increasingly violent requiem will require that he choose

  1. Open for Ties - Member of an unknown(TBD) domain.

  2. Open for Ties - Decides to return to the US and Join the Danse

  3. Open for ties - Wandering south america observing conflicts and trying to make sense of what he saw in Cuba.


1998-2008 - Aries is a chief leader in the local Carthian revolution. The revolution is incomplete but a lasting peace enfaced by Blood Oath is established.

1990-1995 - Open For Ties at least one trip down to observe the Zapatistas Movement.


2008 to present - Aries chafes under “The Peace” and being bound by Invictus blood oaths. As the signs of a new crucible begin to emerge he builds his local Narodnaia cell, and seeks to make alliances to create a true Carthian Praxis as an intermediate step to instituting communism.

  1. 1924 Embraced in France by Lorna Zelen. She take him home to Turkey where she teaches him how to survive, and encourages him to develop the potency of his blood rapidly. As his blood thickens he activates the bloodline, and Lorna teaches him the unique mindset that is Serendipity.

Character Ties

Alex Myers

Fellow Zelani met in europe

Hey Alex,

Sorry for my brief inital message the concept is still in the very early stages. I am planning on a Deava Carthian, and would actually love it if you could arrange my characters initiation into the shadow cult as well. I’m working on a brief concept writeup to send to folks sometime this week.

I’m based in Logan, UT but could arrange ties pretty much anywhere prior to the 80s

Alex Meyers
Jan 20

to me
Rock on Daeva Carthians! My PC just recently got into the Shadow Cult, but if you don’t mind that being something that develops in-chronicle, I’d totally be up for it. The Shadow Cult is the Narodnaia Viola, but I think you knew that, based on your character concept ;)

Utah is good. I was in California until 1980, so I could’ve left a bit early and stopped in Utah on my way back to Detroit. Here’s a link to my wiki page if you’re interested:

Hey Alex,

This is just a quiet ping to say I’m working on creating a Zelani(I
was when chronicle began but life happened so I’m just now getting
rolling). The basic is a firebrand communist who’s gone moderate as
the Danse has made him cynical.

I’d always planned to app up to global to Lorna’s Childe so ties with
others and solid family RP would be amazing!

Alex M. US2009054004
Aug 19

to me
Hi Andrew,

I’ll get you added to the family list momentarily! Be sure to look through the old topics to see both the timeline for the family and some of the suggested ways to interact with your ST chain in pursuing plot and character objectives.

The Global App isn’t that hard, depending on when you were thinking of being Embraced. My PC, Chance, was Lorna’s 5th kid (4th if you don’t count NPCs) and was Embraced in 1913. When did you plan for your character’s Embrace?

Phil Armstrong

Phil Armstrong via
Jul 22

to OOC
Hi guys,

I’m Phil, you may know me from such roles as Doctor Erick Brandt, one the the Status 5 Carthian Characters. really the last bit is meaningless, but I wanted to try and reach out to players who are trying to get involved in Carthian stuff and may not have be sure exactly what to do or have just really gotten involved in cross regional or national stuff.

I don’t have any super secret plot hooks that have been handed down, but I do have a desire to try and get some role playing started and helping other players out at the same time. If you or any one you know whats to be on deck for stuff when it happens, let me know.

it is my responsibility as the player of a High Status character to pass plot and other game related stuff around, and to make sure I am making the game fun for other Carthian players.

If there is anything I can do to help, let me know.

Chrys Seward via
Jul 22

to nwod-requiem-c.
I’m attempting my first Requiem character of the chronicle, and was hoping
to grab a tie or two to help flesh her out before finishing the character.
She’s a recent embrace (within the past few years) and more recently a
member of the Carthian Movement. She’s a tremendously charming and sassy
bon vivant, with strong idealism and a penchant for cybergoth stylings.

I was looking for:

John H

Gmail Tori MES account
Carthian Ties - Cuba
18 messages
Andrew Hamblin Mon, Jan 20, 2014 at 7:05 PM
To: Jon H

I am in the process of making a new character as our domain starts requiem up. I noticed your character was in Cuba during the revolution, and would love to make some ties during that time, if you are open to them.

My basic concept is a Leftist Guerrilla fighter who has become cynical as he’s watched every marxist revolution fail. I’m still filling in a lot of blanks, but his long term goal is to live to see a successful communism implemented, and to be influential in making that happen.

Andrew Hamblin - US2004092171

“Rules are empty in themselves, violent and unfinalized; they are impersonal and can be bent to any purpose.” -Michel Foucault
Jon H Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 11:27 AM
To: Andrew Hamblin

Always up for ties, though I suspect that our PC’s might not agree on how governance should be handled. Lorenzo would’ve become disillusioned with Che and Fidel early on, so at that point, I can imagine some tension. Lorenzo’s Carthian experiment is more along the lines of a Boon capitalism, since Boons are how kindred determine who’s useful- and the one who does the most for the city/group/society ought to be in charge, by virtue of their willingness to get things done. How do you think that would square with your PC?


[Quoted text hidden]

Jon Herrmann
“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Andrew Hamblin Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 6:43 PM
To: Jon H

Aries is a pretty staunch Titoist and views market socialism with worker owned enterprises as the only allowed firm as the ideal intermediate step between capitalism and full on communism. I’m imagining the Cuban Revolution as being the beginning of Aries becoming disillusioned with Communist Revolutions as it would mark 3/4 revolutions he’s witnessed/payed attention to that ended poorly.

I would love it if our PC’s had an ongoing debate on the ideal way to choose leadership, and on the ideal functions of government. I think that they could agree to disagree. You might even be able to convince Aries that “Boon Capitalism” is the best way to pick who should run “The Party” or something like that.
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Jon H Thu, Feb 6, 2014 at 7:22 PM
To: Andrew Hamblin
That sounds like fun; let’s go with it. Are there specifics you want to nail down, or are you happy with an agreement in broad strokes?

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Andrew Hamblin Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 4:19 PM
To: Jon H
I’d like to pin down one or two scenes to help me get a feel for how they interacted then, and then run with this agreement.

How about they share a interest in baseball learned watching local kids playing the game late at night while there?

Any ideas for a second scene/memory they may have of each other either in Cuba or later on.

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Andrew “Tori” Hamblin - US2004092171
Jon H Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 6:49 AM
To: Andrew Hamblin

Oh, I rather like the baseball game. I can see them talking politics, walking around the area, and seeing kids playing one evening, with the few lights they have.
Aries can point out that the kids couldn’t even play without the Communist government, the good of the people, kids who have no means to pay, but are being given electricity for the betterment of society, even those least able to afford it.
Lorenzo would point to the game itself, in which players get better by striving for excellence, competing against one another to improve, and the coveted MVP award for the one who does the most to help the team.
They can agree that one team needs to take on another team, and the team works for the betterment of the team as a whole, but disagree on how to get the best team performance.



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Andrew Hamblin Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 10:23 AM
To: Jon H
I love it. I kinda wish Aries wasn’t in and out of Topor so much in his BG, because now I’m gonna have to burn a specific memory for that, as well as the montage of “I was in cuba” :P
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Jon H Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 10:26 AM
To: Andrew Hamblin

You could have written it down, so know that it happened, but not remember it, if you need the space for other memories…


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Andrew Hamblin Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 11:50 AM
To: Jon H
I think it’s a cool enough memory, I’d actually be more likely to drop the montage memory and have a specific memory with a PC, and his knowledge of the rest is from journals.
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Jon H Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 12:43 PM
To: Andrew Hamblin

Cool; your call, just offering options.

Any ideas for another scene, or are you happy where we are?


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Andrew Hamblin Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 4:44 PM
To: Jon H
So I was re-reading your history and noticed we were in turkey during the same time as well. Would you like to set something up then?
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Jon H Thu, Feb 20, 2014 at 9:53 PM
To: Andrew Hamblin
Sure, glad to. Do you have any preferences for specific events?

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Andrew Hamblin Fri, Feb 21, 2014 at 2:54 PM
To: Jon H
I’m apping for Aries to be Lorna Zelan’s childe. I’m becoming
suspicious that you’ve already got ties to her(given locations, and my
chats with global about where she was when.).

Here is the relivant snippet from my history.

The good luck of Serendipity encourages Alan’s extremist tendencies, He manages to survive scrapes that should have killed him, and to explain
away violence before the court, somehow there is always a witness who watched the other party initiate violence. Eventually Alan is implicated in
the final death of an Elder’s un-released childe, and he is implicated in the crime. The elder refrains from destroying him for reasons Alan does not > know, and instead stakes him and leaves Alan’s torpid form in his basement.

It could be interesting if your character has some knowledge about
what happened, and has been asked to keep him from knowing the details
of how he was saved from final death. We’d need to talk with the ST
chain about it though.
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Jon H Tue, Mar 4, 2014 at 1:08 PM
To: Andrew Hamblin

Sure, I’d be very happy to help with that. If you’d like to throw out some ideas that you think might be fun, then I could talk with your ST’s, and base from one of those, without telling you which one or what alterations we made to it in the collaborative process.


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Jon Herrmann
“Daring ideas are like chessmen moved forward; they may be beaten, but they may start a winning game.”- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
Andrew Hamblin Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 2:43 PM
To: Jon H
Real life ate my cam time. Are you still interested in making these ties?

My VST and I are seriously liking the idea that Aries is entirely
unaware that he is in a bloodline, or that there are others in the
bloodline or something like that, for some secret purpose.
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Jon H Tue, Aug 19, 2014 at 4:43 PM
To: Andrew Hamblin
I’m not really playing right now, so feel free to set that up as you like. I just don’t have much time to participate lately, so I may be a poor link.


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Andrew Hamblin Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 1:30 PM
To: Jon H
If that’s the case let’s run with the cuba details we’ve agreed on and call it good. I do think I’d like to run with the idea that Aries wasn’t aware they are both Zelani at the time though.
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Jon H Fri, Aug 22, 2014 at 1:34 PM
To: Andrew Hamblin

Works for me- have fun!


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Find a few Night Doctors to Patch Aries up

Andrea Zander via
Aug 20

to OOC
It is going slow but going! I am going Carthian Night Doctor! and for sure Mekhet! Ties welcome!

Andrea Zander

Volante-della Rovere via
Jul 22

to OOC
Hi, I was just wondering how things are going. How is your concept going?

I play an old on in Mount Pleasant Michigan. Dr. W.

Would love to have more to work with and network with. So if you are going to Please let us know off list if you like ;) Then we can go from there.


Tanya S.
ID# US2005106687

Nathan Marzolf via
Jul 15

to OOC
I am one in grand rapids, mi

nathan marzolf
cam: jasper casies
warewolf: willy running
req: victor sangiovanni

Email Thread from GSA

Gmail Tori MES account
Tie to Lorna Zeleni
12 messages
Andrew Hamblin Tue, Jan 21, 2014 at 2:08 PM
So I am interested in playing a Zeleni PC. Because in cannon the bloodline is newish and small, with the write-up suggesting that most members are at most 2 generations removed form Lorna I would like to set up a tie with her, and know how my PC connects to the linage.

This poses some problems because the writeup was deliberately vague enough that she could be almost anywhere in the world. Additionally the writeup goes to fair lengths to be clear that the principle common thing members of the bloodline hold is, “Zelani can come from any walk of life. The only requirement for the Embrace is crossing Lorna Zelan’s path on the right night.” (carthians p 169)

This has made narrowing my concept down much harder. The one line version of my concept is, “cynical former hard-left revolutionary”. The longer version is a naive mortal college student(or vacationer) gets in over his head in early leftist terrorism(in the post WWI period), and winds up embraced. He spends 50ish years as a wandering revolutionary/soldier of fortune(torpored several times in combat so lots of lost memory from that) before finally getting sick of fighting for people too corrupt to make the revolution successful, and settling down to try and see if there is a link between Crucibles and successful revolutions(Esp the US and french revolution).

Silja Sample -> Andrew Hamblin

Hi there,
It is true that we have not much hammered out for Lorna’s unlife, other than most likely she was embraced in Turkey, so even if you wanted a direct tie to her (either meeting her or being embraced by her), there is some flexibility as to where you met, especially if you were an “embrace and dump” who didn’t actually spend more than a few nights/ weeks with her. Of course if you are second gen- embraced by a NPC childe of Zelani- then the possibilities are even wider open.

Happy to talk general background, but of course to get anything actually approved, you’d need to put your background in the approvals database as a Global app. I know you know that, being an experienced Cammie, but I like to re-iterate anyways :)

Andrew Hamblin -> Silja Sample

So after reading a big pile of history books on the bus too and from work, and and finally getting enough time to put my character concept in order here is roughly what I am looking for as far as a tie with Lorna. Aries(then known by his mortal identity) was on vacation in Turkey when he and Lorna crossed paths. Somehow she knew that this radical young man would never reach his potential as a mortal, so she embraced him.

I’m a bit unsure how long he would have stuck around, I see a few options that work well for the character concept. My timeline puts his embrace around 1926-7ish(but I can be flexible) and would put him in Turkey just after the turkish revolution.

1) Aries met Lorna on a vacation or business trip to Turkey, she embraced him for reasons he does not know, and he spent 2-5 years as her Childe during the time that the Movement was taking over her city. He was there, and one of many violence inclined Carthians during the transition of power described in the bloodline writeup. Once she entered torpor he began to wander to seek out a location that was more open to his experiments in communism.

2) Aries met Lorna as above, but instead of spending time with her, his radicalism and inflexibility get him exiled from the area very quickly resulting in his wandering eastern Europe within months of his embrace.

3) Aries is embraced with the intent to raise him well while Lorna is out of Turkey for some reason of her own. He wakes one morning to find her gone, but with a note giving him some task to perform in the future.

Either way I would like Aries free following that to be in Yugoslavia fighting in WWII, and in south america(via the cuban revolution) by the late 50s.

I’m also a bit concerned about the lack of present tie we discussed on chat. I’m happy to be her minion in whatever her plan is, and bend my concept a fair bit to do so. I hope she doesn’t plan to make me possessed by her sire though to murder me again, and again though!

Also what level of approval/notification do I need for non-masqurade-breaking involvement in various wars & revolutionary groups though the rest of his history.

Happy to talk general background, but of course to get anything actually approved, you’d need to put your background in the approvals database as a Global app. I know you know that, being an experienced Cammie, but I like to re-iterate anyways :)

Absolutely, I’m trying to put things together to put a combined application up tonight.

Silja Sample Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 4:22 AM
To: Andrew Hamblin
I have checked the Global Registry and we don;t have any prior approvals or plot for Lorna Zelan in the late 1920’s, so Turkey is a possibility, as would France be, where we have a couple of aproved interactions earlier in the 20th century.

All options are possible; I kinda like 2 and 3 better. 2 provides some interesting friction- maybe you were so radical you’d at times endanger the Masquerade (in your early years, not now!)? Not enough to make Lorna an enemy, but she is weary of you while at the same time admiring your comittment to the cause. 3 is cool too, it gives you something to do in the intervening years, and a reason to contact Lorna should you ever find out IC she is awake and not dead- it gives you a sort of present tie without being too close.

As to your non-canon NPC involvement in DPOtM, I would think most of it is MInor, assuming you were just an observer. If you want to have been actively involved in the various revolutions your PC witnessed, or advised the mortals who are in the history books, it would be Major or possibly even Global if you were one of the big wigs.

Silja Sample
AGSL Requiem, AVMST cWoD, IR0070 (Silja_ooc on IRC)
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Andrew Hamblin Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 1:05 PM
To: Silja Sample
On Fri, Feb 7, 2014 at 4:22 AM, Silja Sample wrote:
I have checked the Global Registry and we don;t have any prior approvals or plot for Lorna Zelan in the late 1920’s, so Turkey is a possibility, as would France be, where we have a couple of aproved interactions earlier in the 20th century.

All options are possible; I kinda like 2 and 3 better. 2 provides some interesting friction- maybe you were so radical you’d at times endanger the Masquerade (in your early years, not now!)? Not enough to make Lorna an enemy, but she is weary of you while at the same time admiring your comittment to the cause. 3 is cool too, it gives you something to do in the intervening years, and a reason to contact Lorna should you ever find out IC she is awake and not dead- it gives you a sort of present tie without being too close.

I like the idea of a hybrid of 2-3. How about she embraced Aries on her way back home to X, and he spent 1-2 years there before his radicalism landed him torpid in someone powerful’s basement. She arranged for him to be shipped to Yugoslavia with the note containing a task. He can come out of that torpor just in time for the Nazi invasion and to participate in the resistance as a grunt soldier, or perhaps just an independent sabotage monkey.

I would really love it if ya’ll would pick the task for me so it can be a source of mystery and potentially conflict. (e.g. I owe her my life, but I don’t want to support what she tells me it is essential that I support).

My VST has asked that we talk in person before I put up the app

As to your non-canon NPC involvement in DPOtM, I would think most of it is MInor, assuming you were just an observer. If you want to have been actively involved in the various revolutions your PC witnessed, or advised the mortals who are in the history books, it would be Major or possibly even Global if you were one of the big wigs.

I was thinking that he participated in them, but was never more than an exceptional grunt soldier, scout, or bogeyman trying to support the side he favored.

I like the idea that broke the Masqurade(as far as doing something superhuman, perhaps even in needing blood to recover from the feat) in the Greek Revolution earning him the nickname Aries from his fellow soldiers.

Silja Sample
AGSL Requiem, AVMST cWoD, IR0070 (Silja_ooc on IRC)

Andrew “Tori” Hamblin - US2004092171
Andrew Hamblin Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 3:11 PM
To: Trevor Monroe

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Andrew “Tori” Hamblin - US2004092171
Andrew Hamblin Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 3:11 PM
To: Trevor Monroe

————— Forwarded message —————
From: Andrew Hamblin
Date: Sun, Feb 9, 2014 at 1:05 PM
Subject: Re: Tie to Lorna Zeleni
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Silja Sample Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 3:24 AM
To: Andrew Hamblin
Yeah the France/ Turkey (probably Constantinople) thing works well.

I can definitely pick a task, ideally together with your VST so it is something that suits the local game, so have them email me if they have any ideas. This is not an urgent thing and can wait till the app is through your ST chain though.

Silja Sample
AGSL Requiem, AVMST cWoD, IR0070 (Silja_ooc on IRC)

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Andrew Hamblin Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 5:48 PM
To: Silja Sample
Is this still a possibility on your end?

My personal life blew up and I am just now getting back to cam stuff.

On Tue, Feb 11, 2014 at 3:24 AM, Silja Sample
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Silja Sample Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 6:23 PM
To: Andrew Hamblin
The possibility is still there. Have you put anything in the approvals db yet?
Since we last talked, I have become GSL, and am hiring a new AGSL- Requiem, so I am happy to talk with you now, but in a couple of weeks will be handing this over to someone else.

I am not sure how much you are up to speed with Requiem yet, but since Nycci took over as ANST, she has been working really hard on getting some cohesion to the venue, getting the status 4 and 5s in each clan and covenant to talk and help create a structure etc. So I recommend reading some of the ooc lists before jumping back in. I am excited what is happening in Requiem in MES!

Silja Sample
AGSL Requiem, AVMST cWoD, IR0070 (Silja_ooc on IRC)

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Andrew Hamblin Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 6:46 PM
To: Silja Sample
I am just now processing my cam email after coming back. Based one
what you’re saying that’s awesome, and I’ll definitely want to catch
up. I’m most interested in playing at the status 2-3 range and being a
factotum for more powerful PCs than in pursuing high status myself
though. Do you have a link to any particular announcements I ought to
read over?

I’ll poke the people I was lining up ties with and determine if I’ll
dust off my old draft application or come up with something completely
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Silja Sample Mon, Aug 18, 2014 at 7:00 PM
To: Andrew Hamblin
I don;t think stuff is on the website, but if you kept subscribed to the requiem lists, just search for her posts: over the last 3 months or so.

Silja Sample
AGSL Requiem, AVMST cWoD, IR0070 (Silja_ooc on IRC)

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