Rynum Tiarnúil single-handedly defeats an Elven battlegroup claiming the last bastion of resistance and crowning himself Emperor.

Rynum learns of his lineage and its divine influence.

Q: Why do Rynum’s eyes flash with rose-golden light in battle?

A: He bears the “Weal of Ulnek” as the primarch of his line always does.

Priests of Ulnek complete a teleportation network spanning Cella.

Rise of the Factions

To illustrate commitment to peaceful sharing of power, factions trade artifacts.

Q: Which artifacts were exchanged?

Menul, a far-flung, coastal city with a population of 10k, is destroyed.
No survivors known.

Q: Who destroyed the city of Menul?

A: Korvil, the Half-elven Archmage of Flame, did by trying to teleport with the Orb of Il’Thas

Height of the Conclave

Rebel group steals a cache of Arcane artifacts from Vault of the Arcane.

Q: What was lost so that the mission may succeed?
A: True paladin, who had begun to wrest power from the elites.

Korvil tried to TP with Orb again displacing the Vault into another Plane. Efreet and other planar baddies deposited instead.

First Dark Age

Korvil gains access to teleportation network.

Q: What does Korvil do once he has access?

A: He travels to the island of Orhain.

Basilica of Tiarnúilnek destroyed.

Q: What was lost in the destruction?

A: Ilna, Primarch of the Conclave.

Q: What happened to Ilna?

A: She is teleported to Orhain wearing the imbued “Tear of Artia”.

Priests sacrifice themselves and partitioners to power the TP& artifact.

Teleportation ceases to function w/ the loss of Ilna, last known bearer of the Weal.

Age of legends

Band of adventurers, the “Weal of Ulnek”, rediscovers magic while campaigning.

Q: How has Orhain survived intact?

A: Phased in and out by Ulnek.

Orhaineans not interested in bettering society. Focused on their own survival.

Wizard adventurer begins to gain influence in Cella equipped with the Orb of Il’Thas.

Second Dark Age

Legendary adventurers return to plead their case to council and are turned away.

Shunned adventurers found their own city.

Korvil plots a return to power from Orhain.