The Big Picture: First contact with new peoples

Age of Exploration begins (Light)

The Grand Fleet of Victory leaves the Forbidden City (Light)

A small child from the Forbidden City discovers a cave on the outskirts of town. (Light)

Grand fleet sails into a fleet of ships of unknown origin and unknown tech. (Light)

Admiral Horace the Admiralist steals secret technology from the foreign fleet. (Dark)

Question: How to get on the enemy ship and steal the technology
Characters: Admiral, first officer, two crew men
End: Recon through parlay

Study of the mysterious tech begins in the Forbidden City (Light)

Question: What their studies of the tech discovered.
Characters: Head Scientist of the Forbidden City
End: Discovers that it is biological weapon

The Victory Fleet discovers a foreign continent, full of mysterious peoples with trunks 🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘🐘

Diplomacy with new people (light)

The Forbidden City sends a diplomatic envoy to the new continent (Light)

The corrupting (dark)

Technology is discovered to be biologically based, modifies our bodies into unforeseen shapes (dark)

Mutations begin to appear in the population, creating fear and prejudice? (Dark)

The War of Survival begins (Dark)

The Mechanical Peoples rebel and try to take the new continent for themselves. (Dark)

Our civilization dies (Dark)

The end stages of the mutation transform life into dark particles, a dust cloud of darkness forms all over the land, becoming a massive state of nothingness. (Darkest)

The Palette:
-Advanced tech like magic
-sex scenes
-No mythical creatures


  1. Discovery of the tech
  2. Use of tech into our society


  1. Study of the tech


  1. Cody
  2. Luke
  3. Annie
  4. Faust