Healthcare Hub or Medical Home A Modern Health Reform Paradigm Requires a New Terms

The Affordable Care Act has outlined the idea of”medical homes” or a “medical house”. The purpose behind this idea is that healthcare costs could be reduced through having a central space that a multidisciplinary team of healthcare professionals will address the many health requirements of the family members and you.

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The aim of”medical homes “medical house” is to deal with multi-faceted problems that could lead to disease before it occurs. The primary goal of”medical homes “medical home” is to work towards primary care, which is finding risk factors before symptoms manifest. The term “medical” is still a reference to an existence of symptoms. What is the reason you would go to a medical center in the absence of any medical issue?
In order to shift the way we think about health and wellness to emphasis on wellness, health promotion and prevention of diseases changing the way we talk about health is necessary. The author suggests the concept of “health hub” as a better alternative.

The term “health” alters the emphasis to factors that improve health instead of the symptoms of a medical issue. The term “hub” recalls the idea of a wheel having numerous spokes or aspects contributing to health and that can be tackled to improve health. The center in the center of the wheel (the hub) is the individual or family member whose health is the focus of the attention. Therefore, “health hub” describes the place in which the person or family as the focal point is evaluated holistically in order to maintain or improving their health.

In the ideal scenario, your health center should be the location where you could develop the skills you need in improving health. receive tests and screenings that detect health problems early, receive medical advice when necessary and have your health care coordinated by one central place. The spokes on the wheel symbolize the many aspects or elements that may require coordination for optimal health. This could include medical care dental, social services as well as school and vocational concerns nutritional, physical therapy and information on health, mental health and acute or hospital treatment, managing chronic illnesses such as public health problems and much more.

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The benefits of regular health assessments and coordinated health care in the “health hub” include lower health care costs, fewer risks from medical errors, or the fragmentation of care and overall better health. This helps to fulfill the purpose of the concept of medical home more efficiently and effectively because the language better draws the on the multidisciplinary team’s focus to health “health” of the patient and their family members that are the “hub” of the system.
Your health hub might be situated in a community health center or wellness center, school, or even a family-oriented employee health programs. The most important thing is to ensure that your health specialist in”health hub “health hub” is qualified in the field of education and is equipped with the tools needed to analyze the factors that contribute to your health, are recognized to enhance or improve health throughout the years, and has strong connections with the healthcare health professionals you might require and has a process for monitoring and coordinating your treatment.

The phrase “medical home” implies that there is a medical issue that requires a medical professional i.e. an nurse practitioner or physician to take care of. This doesn’t change the basic structure of our healthcare system. The term “health hub” suggests a proactive approach to maintaining, improving the coordination of health services which is the best known solution to the rapidly increasing costs of healthcare and chronic diseases in America currently.

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The focus on alleviating the symptoms of medical conditions the use of “medical home” is not in line with the main goal in the Affordable Care Act. Change of the term into “health hub” more precisely supports the shift towards greater health at a reasonable cost by encouraging an early “health” evaluation in the “hub” of coordinated health care.