Fitness and Health

Health and fitness are closely linked since the first time fitness was defined since this sport requires an ideal physical condition that is based on a healthy and fit bodies. The health condition of people who participate in different sports is constantly in the consideration by the coaches.

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There are a variety of sporting activities that are extremely impressive However, the practice of them exposes athletes to specific dangers. This kind of problem are not uncommon in sports that are for the amateurs. There is of course a certain pathologies that are specific to each sport. Because the body is susceptible to various health issues One factor that could trigger them is the quantity and the intensity of training. Jogging and long distance running are very popular types of training.A common health issue that is seen in tennis is epycondylitis, also known as “the tennis elbow”.

The weightlifting process can lead to varicous veins and hypertension.
Fitness strives to make each exercise beneficial for fitness and body aesthetics. The kind of exercise which is recommended is the more complex that includes aerobic and anaerobic workouts.
When doing aerobic exercise the body meets its requirement for oxygen while doing the effort. It is the various types of resistance exercises such as the long distance run, skiing rowing, fast walking cycling, swimming and speed skating. The results of these activities are evident first at the pulmonary and cardiovascular level. This kind of exercise is the most efficient in burning calories, which is why they easily shed fat, so long as they last for more than 40-45 minutes and do not stop. The energy that supports this exercise comes from fat acids that are released from the adipose tissue.

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The efforts of anaerobic types are responsible for a rise in the strength and mass of muscles as well as bone resistance. When you perform this type of quick and intense exercise, the body is unable to supply the oxygen it needs. What happens is known as “oxygen duty” that is recovered during breaks between exercises. One of the most well-known examples is the interruption between two sets of workouts designed to strengthen one muscle.

The efficacy of fitness classes is directly related to their regular exercise. There are a certain amount of sessions required for tangible results.
For anaerobic training of the type (force) the experts advise that twice a week of training are required, each lasting 30 to 45 minutes. In these sessions, the entire body is being trained each time.

If you are doing exercise aerobics (resistance) the regularity of training should get increased up to three times, each of them between 20 to 60 mins.
Both kinds of training should be maintained continuously for at least two or three weeks. Following this time taking a week off from active training is suggested. During this time, the person should do less effort, such as exercising and walking, for the sake of relaxation and recovery.

Beginning with this minimum frequency, any additional training can help you progress earlier, as long as you don’t overtrain or overwork yourself. Determining the best amount of sessions, their quantity and intensity will depend on the specifics and potential of the individual who is involved in the sport.

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