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The Importance of Physical Fitness for Weight Loss

Nutrition and fitness are among the most crucial elements of living a healthy life. The amount of active exercise and regular exercise aren’t just necessary to manage weight and fitness, but are also good for general health, as they assist to strengthen the musculoskeletal and cardiovascular systems. It is reported that the American College of Sports Medicine has issued a statement in their official journal suggesting that higher levels of physical exercise may be required for weight loss as well as the protection against weight gain and regain.

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In addition to the suggestions in the statement in the statement, the ACSM statement emphasizes the importance of fitness to manage weight. These are the most prominent aspects that demonstrate the relationship between fitness and weight loss
• Today, weight management is an important public health concern with more than 60% of U.S. adults either overweight or overweight. As little as an increase of two to three percent reduction in excess body weight can contribute towards reducing the risk factors for chronic diseases.
• In order to achieve results with weight loss and avoid weight gain, more physical activity and exercise regularly are required.
• For preventing weight gain, 150-250 minutes per week of exercising at a moderate rate is suggested. If you spend over 150 minutes each week of exercising, modest results from weight loss are to be expected.

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• Weight loss of 150-250 minutes per week of fitness may yield only modest outcomes. Higher amounts of exercise will result in a significant reduction in body weight.
• To keep body weight in check and avoid regaining it greater than 250 minutes per week of exercise is considered to be beneficial.
• Regular physical exercise will result in more weight loss more than diets alone.
In general , the guidelines for adults include at least 150 minutes per week or 30 minutes to every day and moderate-intensity exercise to avoid significant weight gain as well as the reduction of the associated risk factors for chronic diseases. If the levels of physical activity are maintained consistently over the long run overweight and obese individuals are likely to experience more weight loss than overweight individuals. To avoid weight gain and increase weight loss - over 250 hours of moderate intensity physical fitness, evenly spread over the course of each week is recommended.

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Alongside aerobic exercises resistance-training or strength training is also essential to build the musculoskeletal system, encourage growth in muscle mass and lower the risks of various health issues.