Fitness and Health Tip Myths

If you’ve recently started an exercise program or are thinking about losing weight, it’s probable that you’ll receive a lot of advice and suggestions from your friends or sources of information like the internet. However, a large portion of the advice you receive could be incorrect or could increase the likelihood of injury. This article examines some of the most common misconceptions about the subject of exercise and weight loss.

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No-pain, No-gain
“No pain, no gain” is a phrase we’ve all heard at one time or some other time. But, it’s a hazardous advice that should be avoided. The feeling of pain after exercising is normal and pain while exercising can indicate that you might have an injury or exercise improperly. If you begin to notice discomfort or pain during exercise and you feel uncomfortable, then listen to your body’s needs and stop. Don’t try to ease the discomfort (or cover any discomfort with medication).

If you experience pain that is stinging, painful or causes numbness, take a break and seek advice from your healthcare professional, whether it’s a physician, physiotherapist, chiropractor or massage therapist as an instance. If you experience pain that doesn’t disappear within several days after the exercise, you must consult an expert in health care.

Ab machines can help to eliminate the belly
Do you believe the late-night infomercials that claim using an ab-machine can get rid of the spare tire?
To see those abs muscles that are well-developed, you should reduce your overall levels in body fat (if there is some fat covering you stomach). The abdominal machine can help to build abdominal muscles but your physique stores its fats in certain areas. Exercises for the abdomen tone and strengthen the muscles beneath however they do not burn off the belly fat. It’s not possible to select and choose the areas where your body burns fat.

If you are looking to decrease the waistline, you must increase your metabolism through exercises that burn fat and combining them with a balanced diet. A balanced mix of cardiovascular and strength training along with a low-fat meals will give you the balance needed to live a healthy lifestyle and eliminate the abdomen.

Results will become better as you continue to exercise
It is logical to think that the more you train for, it will be easier to lose weight. shed. But that may not be the reality. It’s true it is true that the greater your work out the more fat your body burns (which is certainly good). However, there’s an increase in the production cortisol. This hormone can cause your body to store more fat, which is used to fuel the next exercise.

It seems like exercising for 3/4 of hour is a good amount. If you are comfortable exercising for longer periods than in the day, then to get the most weight loss from your workout, you should do 45 minutes of exercise at a time.

The level of post-exercise soreness does not necessarily indicate of a workout that is effective.

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Most of us look at the soreness of muscles as a sign of the effectiveness of a workout been. Although a small amount of soreness is normal in the event that you’re re-entry to exercise (or switching your exercise routine) however, if you’re still sore after a few days after your workout, it’s likely you’ve overdone it. If you feel sore after each workout, you’re not giving your body enough time to heal.

A thorough warm-up as well as stretching post-exercise is the best way to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. If you feel stiff, take it easy for a couple of days and then get a massage before returning to exercising but with a lower level of intensity.

A diet rich in protein will increase the size of your muscles.
If you are looking to increase your muscle mass, numerous bodybuilders say that you should eat an incredibly protein-rich diet. But, gaining muscle mass is contingent on two elements being able to use enough weight to push the muscles beyond the normal levels of resistance and the second is taking in more calories that you consume.

While it might seem obvious proteins are the most effective source of muscle building According to certain Dietitians the muscles depend on calories, so you must keep all food groups such as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in balance. If your diet is high in protein, then there is a risk of stress on your kidneys or dehydration.

Yoga can help with all back discomfort
Yoga is a fantastic exercise for your body and mind. But it may not be appropriate for everyone suffering from back discomfort. If the back pain you are experiencing is solely due to muscle tightness, then stretching exercises in yoga can help. The strength of your core can also be increased through performing proper yoga postures.

But, if back pain is due to discs and joints, then it is recommended that yoga (or any exercise in general) should be done only after obtaining the approval of your physiotherapist or doctor.
These are just a few of the myths about exercise that are common. One reason for them to start is because everyone reacts differently to exercise. What is true for one person might not be appropriate for another.

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Training shouldn’t be difficult so use common sense and make the exercise enjoyable. A balanced diet and working out during exercise can keep your body moving in the proper direction. In case you’ve got any questions or concerns you can discuss them with your physician, physiotherapist or massage therapist to make sure that the exercise you choose to do is suitable for you.