Golf Fitting Is Not a Speculative Science

Fitting for golf is an essential component of every golfer’s game. Most golfers don’t bother becoming fit, and instead purchase something off the shelf or on eBay they thought was great. What is the reason people don’t get fit enough for their golf clubs? Fitting is a relatively new addition to the golf equipment and people are scared of getting fit.

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Many people think they’re not enough to be fit and just purchase any set they want until they are better. The truth is that they could get better faster when they are fit enough to play the proper clubs from the beginning.

A lot of people feel concerned and frightened of the thoughts of the fitter about their swing. I can assure you that it’s almost like a physician who has seen everything. A professional fitter is never surprised. They don’t care about how your swing appears like, they’re but analyzing what will assist you all the time you’re hitting balls.

The price scares many people. How much will a fitting cost? Fittings are usually free with an annual membership but some fitters will charge you $100 to $200 for an appointment. Be assured that no matter what they cost fittings, they’re actually saving your money. How? If you purchase the latest super duper driver from the shelves at the neighborhood Dickheads superstore. It’s not going to hit with a swell of beans since the shaft isn’t right or the length isn’t long enough.

Many drivers are 46 inches today and, if you’re using a faulty shaft as you’ll have a hard time trying to get to the sweet spot and even lose distance. Your $400 driver now transforms into a $400 driver once you swap out the shaft with one that you think is more efficient because someone on an online Golf Forum said it was the most effective. You could have been perfectly fit the first time and been playing better golf a few weeks in the past for less.

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Ask any golf shop in the area what their primary source of income is, and they’ll inform you that re-shafting is their biggest source of income.
Do yourself a big favor and be fit by professional fitters.

What are the qualities of a fitter who is good? A good fitter should be equipped with tools that are that are available to him. Launch monitors to determine your spin rates, your launch angle as well as the smash factor. They’ll have a loft or lie machine that will check the current configuration and make adjustments to your clubs as required. Most have a frequency device to examine your current clubs shaft is flexing. It can be a shock to discover that the club might say that it’s stiff however it’s actually an older flex. It has been seen many times.

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They’ll come with a lie board, impact tapes, lying tape and a variety of shafts with different lengths as well as a variety of head styles from forging blades to large cavities, lofts, cc sizes, drivers and so on.
A professional fitter will not sell knockoff or cloned clubs. Professional Fitters cannot fit on-line.
Remember that the most vital component of an equipment center for fittings is the fitting center’s fitter. You’re relying on their experience to put you on the most appropriate sticks possible.