The Full Body Waterfall: A Program For Building Strength

After weeks of training for cardio determination, and agility, I thought it was about time for to make a shift. I was looking through my old workouts and found one of my personal favorites. I’ve named it”the “Full-Body Waterfall.”

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For building strength, I enjoy the full-body exercises. This is a great program because it’s extremely effective in strengthening quickly, but it can be used as a cutting workout. It is the only thing that differs is weight, reps , and rest (I am sure that’s the case). The thing that makes this program special is that it is different from other full-body workouts , it’s extremely adaptable. It means that if are to the gym the morning of a Monday (a.k.a. International chest day) there is no need to wait around for an exercise bench.

The idea behind this exercise is that, like the name implies it is a full body from bottom to top. You can complete the whole exercise within the confines of a the smith machine, a weighted rack of dumbbells, and all 3. The exercises you perform can differ from exercise to exercise, as long as you’re tracking your reps and weights, and increasing them every week.

I’ll provide the workout that is performed in the power-rack. However, every exercise can be replaced with the equivalent dumbbell or smith version. The exercise should be done three times a week, and include at minimum one day of cardio (another reason I picked this program was because I could benefit from the warmer weather to run).

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Warm-up with 5 minutes of calisthenics, and 1 dynamic stretch for each muscle group.
Weight should be a good fit to ensure that you achieve an end-of-strength within 4-8 repetitions (when you have reached 8 reps, increase the weight for the next round).

Rest time should be limited to the amount of time needed to adjust the rack and weight for the next workout, and another 60 seconds if required.

2 cycles per exercise
The total duration of the workout (including stretching and warm-up) shouldn’t exceed 45 minutes.
Begin the workout by doing the entire body static stretching series
Okay, now we have the rules of the road laid out, let’s talk about those potatoes and meat. Be aware that you can replace similar exercises as needed.

Pull-ups (to failure)
Stand Shoulder Press (alternating in front and behind the head)
Rear Squats
Upright Rowe
Bodyweight Triceps Extensions
Barbell Curls
Bent Reverse Grip Rowe
Straight-leg Deadlift
Full Deadlift
Calf Raises

Floor Bench Press (i.e. Barbell bench press laid upon the ground)
The crunch (to failure)
The leg is raised (to failure)
Oblique crunch (to failure)
Push-ups (to failure)

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Here you go. If you’re true to your weight you might not make it to the second round or even require more breaks during the first couple of workouts. Don’t worry, if you’re taking your breaks, eating healthy and exercising regularly, your body will get used to the speed. In the next few weeks, you’ll be able to lift some decent weights and get an amazing energy level to prove it. At the end of six weeks, you will see some impressive gains in strength and be ready to begin the next workout. I would like for you to share your experiences with me. Please write about your results or share your most popular workout routine that you do with your whole body. Whichever program you decide to use, remember Live Fit, Be Fit…