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Introduction The Truth is: We’re Not the #1
I believe that Americans need to adopt a different approach to thinking about health. Consider where our current perceptions about health have led us. We are last of the 17 most industrialized nations on every single indicator of health. It’s hard to believe , but this is the reality: we’re last on life expectancy, and we have the highest levels of infant mortality, obesity and low birth weights. diabetes, heart disease chronic lung diseases, homicide rates teens, and sexually transmitted disease.

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The principal researcher of this Institute of Medicine, NIH sponsored study that exposed this fact stated that “Americans suffer more illness more often, suffer earlier deaths and suffer more injuries than any other countries with high incomes.” (That’s an excerpt from the study.) He then added this apex of grace: “We were stunned by the frequency of finding in the negative and the extent of the disadvantage is encompassing all ages, from babies to seniors women and men, across all social classes. If we do not act, our lives will continue to decrease and children will be more susceptible to higher levels of illness than children from other countries.”

Two Ideas for Thinking of Health
I think Americans are too passive with regard to their health. Health is only achieved and maintained through deliberate actions. They require planning and supervision. Examples include working out regularly and vigorously, eating with a focus on nutrition for your body and prevents problems, and generally acting in positive and active manners.

The quality of life you’ll enjoy is dependent on your lifestyle choices. Your health is dependent in large part on whether you make investments in your health or not. If you invest only a few or none of these investments, your health is going to be influenced by genetics, chance as well as the process of aging and the timing of the medical treatment you receive.

If you, however you invest in order to seek, safeguard and protect an advanced state of health, the character of your health condition you’ll have will be drastically different and much better.
Thus, we must be able to distinguish between these two types of health issues that are passive and active.

It is the Institute of Health report that puts America last is a reflection of the segment of America that is not active. If the tiny portion in the American population who practice active health were separated, and their health records were compiled for comparison, then I’m certain we’d be at the top of the list.

To address these issues and others I suggest we think about health in two distinct ways. One is to make the difference between static and that is the way people think about and view their health as well as earned health. This is what you receive when you invest your money wisely in your health and health.
It’s the way of life I call it REAL health.

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Health as Perceived Currently
According to the WHO definition of “health” is not true (nobody is even the most fervent well-being guru, can claim to enjoy “complete physical well-being, mental and social,” at least not all the time). The majority of people consider health in lower-level ways. The majority of people believe they are healthy when they’re not sick. This is demeaning. It is the same as not requiring immediate medical attention. The vast majority of people believe that this is an “good enough” conception of health. The idea that this is the case is a self-fulfilling dictum. This means that being unhealthy is the most that you can get.

This is the traditional definition of health. It has to be revised and , if not replaced, at the very least with an alternative, comparative perspective for Americans who are willing to do their part. It’s earned health.

I believe we require thoughts about health that remind us of an important reality, which is that the passive state of health isn’t as beneficial, desirable and rewarding as an active healthy state that is earned. It is important to know that static health which is the default state you are in by simply being there without doing anything special to improve health, can be strengthened and enhanced.
The use of a term such as earned health can make people aware that health could be more than just non-illness. Earned health may be a sign for a greater quality of life. It could remind us that health at its peak is more than just a static state. Health is a dynamic condition that improves by effort, and gets more deteriorates if it is ignored.
Earned health is a better quality of life. Health that is earned can be more intense and more in line with a real wellness mindset and lifestyle than the norm of health being non-sickness.

The Static/Earned health Continuum
This continuum is a different method to express the concept of Dr. John Travis’ original simple line-drawing model of health as an equilateral line, with “premature death” at the left of his spectrum) as well as an ever-changing dynamic of “high levels of well-being” on the other right-hand extreme. The “0” at the middle signifies the neutral point, which could represent simply a non-sickness.

The Static/Earned Health Continuum
-10 __ 0 __ +10
Earned health refers to the process that occurs between the neutral line and the +10 sign. Everyone is moving along an imaginary spectrum of this type every day because health is dynamic, and is subject to constant fluctuation. If we live a life of wisdom and adopt the right habits that we can create a state in health which is healthier than if we allow our health status to be affected by time (i.e. the ageing process or chance, circumstances, medical interventions and things that happen.

This is a basic method of illustrating the fundamental notion that health that is earned develops mostly due to our personal efforts to improve and secure our wellbeing static health however, is affected by the things that happen to the person who is.

In addition, the Dr. Travis made regular expansions to his model. You can check out the most recent version and learn more about on the spectrum by clicking here. Another similar concept that could be of interest to wellness enthusiasts are the Dr. Travis Wellness Energy System.

Earned health isn’t determined or improved through medical interventions. Static health, or health that is based on the continuum of health from the middle to the left part of it, affected.

The Way to REAL Wellbeing
To improve our health in a meaningful sense, it’s the responsibility of us to make sure that we act in a way to be on the healthy side of the spectrum.
A lack of understanding the diverse nature of health that is earned from static, is a major reason the reason why America has so much medical treatment but not have the highest quality of health. Modern medicine is an amazing thing however there are two issues the people have too much of it , and they expect too little of themselves.

Knowing the difference between earned and static health could inspire people to become more active - and recognize the value and importance of real wellness practices.
An Fable
This is a story to show the limits of medical treatments to improve health, and the influence of our own habits.
Imagine a society in which everyone has automobiles that cost almost nothing and are readily repaired. In this fantasy nation, everyone receives medical treatment for free and with the best quality and all the medicines they require. Additionally, there are skilled trauma teams on every street corner. It’s true that those living in the mythical nation can be as free as they want to There aren’t any rules for auto safety.

Everybody drives over the speed limit, no one is wearing seat belts, there are no airbags and there aren’t any stop signals, traffic signs or road rules. A final point - brakes aren’t invented yet.
The interpretation of the Fable
The most significant advances in the mythical world would not be a result of introducing more hospitals, doctors and trauma teams, or even drugs. Modifications to customs and driving behavior would, on the contrary contribute a lot to create a healthier and more wholesome society.

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Lifestyle changes are essential to improve outcomes for health throughout the world and in our nation in particular. We have a fantastic health system, but now we require responsible people to make smart lifestyle choices that help make their lives not only healthier , but also more enjoyable, more satisfying and attractive. It is essential to make people realize that health isn’t just an unchanging thing. health can provide a lot more.