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How to be a Fitness Success Coach - Select Your Fitness Products Carefully!

You have now secretly plotted to fulfill your desire to look and feel beautiful, fit, and healthy.

There are many types of fitness products available. Each one claims to be the best for your health, fitness and physique.

  • Many recommendations …* Famous personalities…
  • There are so many ads…
    Which fitness product is best for you?
    These are the characteristics you should look out for when selecting a fitness product.

These characteristics will increase your chances of achieving your fitness, body and health goals.

Your physical fitness program must be… Your Physical Fitness Program Must Be…
This may seem like an obvious characteristic, but you’d be surprised at how many people use a fitness product that doesn’t give them the results they want.

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Many people want to improve their fitness level… and purchase a bodybuilding product.

A large muscle mass does not necessarily indicate a high level fitness.
Many people want to lose weight and have an aerobic endurance product.
Aerobic training is just one part of fat loss. It will not give you the muscular, lean, and athletic body that you desire, regardless of how hard you work. You must ensure that the product you purchase is designed to achieve the results you desire. Look for products that are designed to help you improve your fitness, health, and appearance.

Your physical fitness program must be… Interesting
Let’s face the facts: If you don’t like the product, you won’t use it enough to see any results.
It doesn’t matter how many scientific studies have proven the product to be effective, it won’t make any difference to your health or fitness if it isn’t.
You won’t do this if it doesn’t grab your attention or peak your interest.

No matter how many times…
“I won’t give up until I get the results that I want, this time.”
If the product is not appealing to you, you’ll eventually give up.
Do not force yourself to use a product that you don’t like. Instead, look for products that complement your lifestyle and suit your personality.

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Physical training should be something you look forward to, not something you fear!
Your physical fitness program must be… modifiable

No one product can be all things for everyone, regardless of how cleverly advertised.
You must have the ability to modify products to meet your needs and goals.
Different needs and wants are common.
There are many strengths and weaknesses that require special attention.

You should be able and willing to participate in the design, modification, and use of the product.

Cookies-cutter programs that promise long-term results are not effective.
You should look for products that can easily be modified to suit your needs.
Your Physical Fitness Program must be… Sustainable: The more your fitness program is dependent upon machines, devices, and other complexities, the easier it will be to destroy.

What happens if the machine goes down, breaks, or your entire program isn’t available?
Your physical training is stopped!
I’m not suggesting you should avoid fitness products that use special equipment or machines. But, don’t make yourself dependent on them.
Your fitness success is your responsibility, not equipment availability or machine access.
No matter your circumstances, look for products that will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle through fitness training.

Your physical fitness program must be… progressive
Many fitness products can be used as a set workout.
You will see the results you desire if you do this repeatedly.
The workout can be very effective at the beginning, but only for certain people and for a short time.
Any workout program that is not part of a comprehensive overall plan for success is doomed.

You still need to have fitness products that offer free workouts.
Without a plan, a workout is nothing more than manual labor. It will not get you to where you want to go.

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You will soon see the same improvements as you did in the beginning. This will leave you wondering, “What should I do now?”

It’s time to search for another exercise.
You should ensure that the fitness product you select is progressive and does not simply “add weight”.
A successful fitness program must be progressive at all levels.
Your physical fitness program must be… measurable

It is a journey to improve your health, fitness, and physique. This journey should be documented.

You can track your progress and keep yourself on track. This will allow you to see where you are at the moment and where you want to go.

You should ensure that the fitness product you purchase includes a workout diary.

You can use your workout journal to help you…

  • Determine if your efforts in physical training are bringing you closer to your goals.
  • Decide if your fitness program needs to be modified.
  • to determine if it’s time to change to something else.
    … finally guiding and documenting your success in fitness.

You should look for products that make it easy for you to measure the effectiveness of your fitness product. How else can you know if it is really working?
Make use of your common sense
If the product is…

  • Attracts You…
  • speaks to your…
  • excites you…
  • And finally makes sense to your…
    It is most likely the right product for you.

Only a program that you are actually doing, and that you make a regular part of your life, can give you the long-term health, fitness, and physique benefits you desire.
You have now secretly plotted to become fit, healthy, and attractive. Now, it is time to act!