Before you can Love Yourself First, You Must like Self FIRST

Eliminate those negative thoughts
Have you ever thought about if you could rid yourself of the nagging thoughts that take over your head? Do you have a way to completely forget the harsh words that you think about in private conversations? In reality is your thought process private? Or can anyone be aware of what you’re thinking?

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Psychologists, psychologists, as well as other doctors as well as motivational and inspirational authors, speakers, teachers and pastors have demonstrated that you attract to your life everything that you are in tune with your thoughts and feelings. Researchers believe that humans are capable of an average of 75,000 thoughts each daily… which is about 50 thoughts every minute. With that many thoughts rushing through your head, can you control the thoughts that will catch your attention? Yes!
The Bible encourages people to pray for to seek out, search for opportunities and knock on the doors of opportunities. The church calls this faith. The metaphysical community believes that our thoughts are manifest. Metaphysicians believe we live in a parallel universe as beings of the spiritual realm having an actual experience within the body. This is because we can actually speak our thoughts, and those thoughts will eventually come to life. As parents, we instruct to our kids that “if you do not have something positive to say, don’t say anything”. We know that the hurtful words we heard in our childhood remain in our minds today, and we’d prefer our children do not experience this.

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Here’s the good news you can’t manage all your thoughts. This is great news since you’d likely feel like you’re in a panic trying to concentrate on each from the nearly 70,000 possible thoughts which flood your mind every day. The majority all of them are nebulous but the ones to show up are those you are focused on the most.
Your thoughts influence your emotions. Your feelings determine the direction you take in your life because the majority of people follow what they feel. Your choice of direction determines the direction you’ll take in your life.
The predominant thoughts that appear in your life are ones that are supported by the feelings associated with them. As an example, suppose that as a child , your mother (in an outburst of anger or anger) often told the children that they would eventually be like your father, who is an alcoholic the emotion you felt when she reacted to her words “wired” you to create anxiety within your mind and heart. In the years that followed, you might have attempted several times to not end up the same way as your father and been unsuccessful. This terrifying thought and anxiety of being afraid caused you to develop a style of living similar to the father you grew up with.
As an elementary school student, your music teacher guided you to discover your talents at performing on the piano. Your teacher and your parents were thrilled and assured you about this gift that helped you feel better about yourself. The positive energy you experienced as you played the piano encouraged you to improve and practice your skills. When you were able to showcase your talent through positive affirmations and positive emotions, you grew your talent into an enviable career as the concert pianist.
How do you manage the thoughts that dominate your mind and your emotions, so that you can attract only what you desire to manifest in your life.
A. Write down three of the most negative thoughts you are thinking about yourself. You can then transform the thoughts into something more positive.
Negative Thought Examples Negative Thought Example: I’m overweight and I don’t like how I look.
Positive Thought Exemplary I am currently still studying everything I have to know in order to achieve my desired weight as well as fitness targets.
B. Create an inventory of 25 things you admire and cherish about you.
If you’re unable to come up with 25 things you love about yourself, ask the assistance of your closest acquaintances, friends as well as family members. Make sure you ask them for feedback that who you believe will provide you with positive feedback.

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Understanding what positive aspects people think and feel about you will increase the vibration of your body (emotions) which will assist you create more positive attitudes about yourself.
C. Learn self-help from magazines and enjoy inspirational TV.
A lot among the thoughts which run into your mind every day are the thoughts of others and also from the thoughts that enter into your thoughts by your senses. Be extremely aware of what you can see and hear, taste, touch and smell… your life your life is based on it!
D. Meditate and pray
After you’ve rewritten the three negative thoughts that haunt your thoughts, make a list of 25 things you are proud of as well as reading self-improvement guides and watching inspirational shows It is essential to quiet your thoughts through meditation and prayer. Praying is your method of speaking to God as is meditation God’s method to communicate with you.