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The many causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Many people believe that impotence or erectile dysfunction is a sign of disease. However this isn’t the case. It is viewed by doctors and medical professionals as an result of something. It could be a result of a condition or the symptom or manifestation of a different disease. There was no treatment for impotence , making men suffering from this condition depressed and depressed. After research and studies on this issue revealed that treatment for this issue differs based on the cause that causes it to begin. Therefore, it is important to understand the causes behind the erectile dysfunction.

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As a result of the various studies and studies on impotence it has been discovered that there are many reasons that are linked to the reasons for the condition known as erectile dysfunction. Since erection is the result of a variety of interactions between various nerves, tissues and organs of the body, injury to the various parts that are considered to be disease-related causes the condition known as erectile dysfunction. As a result, approximately 70% of men who are infertile suffer from problems with the kidney or heart, as well as liver. The main diseases among these males include the liver cancer that is causing kidney problems, or the liver cirrhosis and sclerosis and cardiovascular and cardiovascular diseases. It was also discovered that these illnesses resulted from alcoholism. This makes it much easier to state that alcoholism is among the reasons for erectile dysfunction.

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Certain males who had surgeries in the past can suffer from impotence, particularly those who underwent surgery close to the penis region. The procedure, or prior to the time of the highest incidence of the disease close to the penis area, certain nerves and arteries were injured that could have caused nerves and arteries that function in the sexual relationship to fail. It was also discovered that drugs and medication are one of the reasons for Erectile dysfunction, along with other psychological factors that can cause damage to the nerves of the brain, which transmit signals towards the penis glans, which causes be erect. The causes are anxiety, depression, stress and low self-esteem. The fear of failing in pleasing the partner in sexual relations can lead to the penis to stop erecting.

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Since there are a myriad of elements that influence the process of getting erection There could be several factors believed to be the primary factors behind Erectile dysfunction. In a summary of the above, it could be concluded that physiological causes and psychological triggers or a combination of both and a small unknown causes could cause impotence. Anyone can suffer from it, even when they aren’t aware of the causes that make them impervious.

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