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With nearly 40 years of experience in various industrial sectors, Nelson M Peña is one of the best-rounded individuals you’ll approach for business consultancy services. After achieving great feats in sectors like Insurance, HR/Staffing, Automotive, he has started his own venture in 1998 as executive interim manager and founded 2004 under the name of IMC Group, in Switzerland.
Nelson is directly liable for the expansion and establishment of IMCI Group. Having launched IMC International in 2010 as a network, with 16 associates in 10 countries, he has developed the Group presence in over 50 regions across the world. He has served as an interim C-Level executive for various small and enormous companies everywhere on the planet.
As the IMCI Group founder and CEO, he has been directly affiliated with a number of the most important companies everywhere on the planet.
With an entire team of monetary analysts at his disposal, he has helped several companies affect complicated financial dilemmas. His team has established itself together as the foremost important pillars of sustainable growth in various business opportunities. All the members of his financial consultancy program have received the required certification from the foremost reputed universities everywhere the planet.
With such a worldwide and multi-cultural team of management and financial consultants at his disposal, Nelson has placed IMCI Group at a viewpoint from where he can correctly assess the requirements also as dilemmas of all big and little companies. Also, his personal experience within the field of consultancy gives him the capability to foresee the inevitable and steel oneself against the worst-case scenarios.
Nelson has worked directly with various popular leaders in multiple industries to know their business use case thoroughly. With this insight, he has drafted a dynamic blueprint for fulfillment that rests on strong pillars of employee satisfaction also as technological advancements. He has experience of working with the newest technology in various fields to return up with novel solutions and projection figures to extend the general efficiency of their working mechanisms.
His global outlook has enabled him to talk fluently in 5 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German also as Swiss German. With these multi-linguistic talents, he has brokered several international deals for his clients too. His multi-cultural personality also encompasses interests in art, history also like nature. As a proud father of two adult sons, he feels that it’s his moral responsibility to offer back to the planet. Therefore, he’s also an activist for children’s rights.
The multi-talented personality including a graceful and charming nature has helped Nelson crack multi-billion dollar deals for IMCI Group clients with ease. He likes to remain well prepared for all types of scenarios within the field of business, but this doesn’t prevent him from thinking on his feet whenever things require him to try to so.
Nelson is an ingenious individual who has served as a reliable mentor for various business leaders to realize unprecedented feats. you’ll get in-tuned with him through the IMCI Group or IMCI investment trust websites to urge valuable opinions and insights over a deal.