Bombay High Court rejected a PIL issued against the Avinash Bhosale Group

Rajesh Bajaj and others filed a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) on Avinash Bhosale and others. After confirming that individuals occasionally maneuver the Public Interest Litigation, or PIL, to receive funds from external parties, the Honourable Chief Justice of the Bombay High Court dropped this case on July 24, 2019. Furthermore, the Honourable Court ruled that before denouncing another person or group, people who profess to support the betterment of societal issues must first demonstrate remarkable discipline first.

Residents of Bhosale Nagar, along with Rajesh Khairatilal Bajaj and others, filed a PIL complaint against the Avinash Group’s residential project in 2015. The project for which the petition was submitted is known as Castel Royale Towers.

The Noble Court rejected the argument in 2016 due to many irregularities on the complainant’s part. The petitioner then went on to excuse his mistakes in front of the Noble Court by claiming he was suffering from a viral infection and was receiving treatment. As demonstrated by the record of the fact, the petitioner was really bringing a criminal complaint to trial during the default period. A false doctor’s letter was also presented by the petitioner, which was discovered. The second petitioner, Rajesh Bajaj, was likewise posing as a lawyer, as the Noble Court had already discovered.

Mr. Amit Bhosale, Managing Director of Avinash Bhosale Group, said, “We have been tried to malign us on numerous occasions by self-proclaimed RTI activists.” He went on to say, “We waited patiently, putting our complete trust in the courts, and as you can see, reality won out. We anticipate that as a result of these decisions, there will be a considerable reduction in bogus charges and lawsuits. Laws like the RTI Act and the Public Interest Litigation Act are routinely abused to further personal interests, and this must end “In response to the judgement, Mr. Amit Bhosale stated.