You are special*

You were created for a purpose

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Blank Page with a slot for text

Page 2 bleeds over color wise.

Once upon a time there lived a really old man named Elo. He and his dog Milky Way loved making things!

Page 2
Old Man Intro

The Old man is the character that creates the robot. I see him as a lumberjack. He wears a plaid, picnic table, long sleeve flannel button down shirts, jeans with holes in them, and work boots. He is a tall man. He is old and has white crazy spiky hair along with a crazy white beard. He lives in a log cabin in colordado. He has a dog named Milky Way.

The image has the old man and his dog by the stone fireplace in his cabin. He is sitting in his chair waving with his right hand and he is holding a coffee cup with the other hand (steam is rising from the cup)

Windows on either side of the fireplace show the mountain view in the background.

Say hello Elo!

Page 3
The Old Man’s Daily Routine

The old man is walking to his shed in the backyard

I see a clean cut yard, mountain scape in the background and a bunch of different designed items laying near the shed.

He is walking along a paved walkway, stepping stones and all. His dog is following closely by.

I see this as a dimensions piece with the shed down the hill and him with his back toward us walking to his shed. This is where he goes nightly to create things. The sun is setting and the landscape is beautiful.

Let me know if there are loose ends that need to be tied up.

Thanks in advance.

As the sun set each night Elo and Milky Way would go out to the work shed.

They loved creating beautiful things.

Page 4
Robot Parts Flying

The inventor is sitting at his dimly lit work bench in his shed. Parts are flying to and fro. He frantically glues this piece to that, creating the robot.

You can see part of his face and the intense look of concentration. His coffee sits on the desk cooling. His tools and other needed items lay close by.

He works at the type of desk where the lamp sits right above his head. The emphasis and attention is on the work going on.

The next page will be the introduction of the robot. So this picture is him frantically working out the details of the robot.

Elo frantically moved parts to and fro placing them exactly where He wanted them to go. Tonight was the night he would make something special.

Page 5
Robot Intro

Inventor just finished Robot. The robot stands on the work bench with obnoxiously long legs, short torso, beard and all.

He is learning how to move his arms and legs, he smirks at the inventor. The dog sits next to the inventor as they stand and look at the robot. The inventor has his goggles pushed up on his forehead. He has a giant smile on his face.

The shed is full of light as the sun has come up and is shinning through the shed window. This is a bright moment for the inventor he just finished his masterpiece.

As morning approached and the sun began to peak its head out from behind the clouds everything fell in place. The Robot was finally finished! Elo looked and said, it is good!

Page 6
Robot Plays with Milky Way in the yard

I see the robot throwing the ball to the dog in the backyard and the old man sitting in the background with a cup of coffee watching.

Mountains in the background, big trees, and beautiful plants line the house near the porch.

Thankful that he created the robot.

The Robot had so much to learn. After Elo showed him around the house, he started building a friendship with Milky Way. He was so happy to be alive and to be playing with his dog.

Page 7 (2 page shot, page 7 and 8)
School bus

The robot is headed to school. In this picture you see the robot’s back pack and lunch tote in hand heading to the yellow school bus. The bus is packed with kids (all shapes, sizes, genders, and races) I see the doors of the bus open and the driver sitting waiting on the robot.

The bus is picking the robot up in front of their house so a gravel road on the top of a hill. The background is mountains and landscape, houses spread to and fro.

Page 8
Standing at the school bus

See description above. 2nd part of a 2 part picture.

Summer came to an end and the robot prepared for his first day of school. He didn’t know what to expect. Would the kids like him, would he fit in? These thoughts consumed his mind as he stood at the bus stop peering into the bus windows.

Page 9
Robot in class

The robot is sitting in the classroom and we are viewing the back of multiple kids (all shapes and sizes) heads (afros, straight long hair, spikey hair) . The teacher stands at the whiteboard pointing to the words that say “welcome students” in big chalk.

I see an old overweight, frizzy haired teacher with a polka dot dress.

I see one kids hand raised and the classic classroom setting with world maps and charts for multiplication. I see them sitting on the classroom rug close to the teacher.

Mason is not in this picture yet. But some of the other characters will end up in other scenes.

If there is a way to draw it from the robots perspective that would be awesome. I’m not sure how that works itself out.

The robot looked around at each of the students trying to find someone that was like him. He didn’t find anyone. He felt out of place.

Page 10
Getting to know one another on the rug at school

The children sit around the kindergarten rug sharing stories and getting to know one another.

All the students gathered around the rug to meet and greet one another. This didn’t help the robot, he saw clearly that he was not like anyone else.

Page 11
Series of events that the robot can’t handle

Scene one: Cant climb the monkey bars cause his legs drag

Scene two:

Scene three: Can’t see over the lunch table

He couldn’t climb the monkey bars

He couldn’t

He couldn’t even eat at the lunch table properly

Page 12
The robot tells Elo

The robot sits on Elo’s lap and tells the story of how bad his first day of class was. He can’t stop crying as he retells of all the terrible things that had happened that day.

At home that night he say on Elo’s lap and retold about his horrible day of school. He couldn’t stop crying.

Elo patiently waited and just at the right time said, “I made you special just the way you are for a reason. You’ll see what I mean.”

Page 13
The next day in the lunch room

The robot gathers his lunch tray and awkwardly stands in front of the cafeteria looking for a place to sit down.

This is where we meet Mason

The next day he entered the lunch room trying to find someone to sit by when from under the table he heard a loud “Psst”

Page 14
He and mason meet one another for the first time

The robot and Mason are meeting for the first time. The robot has a smile on his face. He is so happy that Mason is asking him to sit with him.

He leaned over, it was a boy named Mason. Mason asked the robot to sit by him. The robot was so happy to do so.

Page 15
Mason and the robot sit right next to one another

Mason and the Robot sit together at the lunch table.

They eat off of the lunch bench instead of the table. As it’s higher than either one of them. They don’t seem concerned by that.

The robot and Mason couldn’t see above the table but they weren’t bothered by that. They had a great time getting to know one another.

Page 16
Mason and robot become great friends

The robot and mason do everything together. They build castles in the dirt, throw the football to each other, play with milky way, ride bikes, etc.

I see this particular page as a series of images.

Scenes where they are interacting with one another.

Truly getting to know one another.

Everyday after school they played together.

They loved playing cars and building blocks together.

They loved spending time with Milky Way and Elo.

Page 17
Kid stuck in drainage man hole

The spikey hair kid that made fun of everyone was stuck in the drainage pipe.

The classroom is full and over the intercom comes a booming voice letting everyone know that a student is stuck and that they need help from anyone that could help.

At school the next day something out of the ordinary happened. On the intercom they heard the following words, “Classes please beaware that a student is stuck in a man hole drain, does anyone know how to help?”

Page 18
The kids run to the hallway

The students pile into the hallway and this is the scene where mason confronts the robot about the reality that he is the only one that can help.

All the students pour into the hallway to see what is going on. Mason tapped the robot’s should and whispered, “Hey, you can save the boy, use your legs.”

Page 19
The robot saves the boy

A series of images.

The struggle of the robot getting down and stretching his long legs toward the boy.

The spikey hair kid looking up in fear that he won’t get out.

The kid latches on and the robot wiggles his way out.

The boy is safe in the teachers arms and the robot is celebrated.

Mason high fives the robot and says “I told you that there was a plan, you were the only one that could save that boy.”

So after the robot thought for a very long time He decided he would try. He climbed down and stretched his legs out as far as he could. The students cheered the robot on. He stretched his legs out even further. And just then the boy grabbed his legs and was lifted safely out of the drain.

Page 20
Everyone Celebrates the Robot

All the students are stuffed in the hallway joyfully screaming and yelling. They are thrilled that the boy has been saved.

They lift the robot above their heads.

The students cheered loudly! The robot was a hero. They carried him above their heads. Everyone was happy!!!

Page 21
Mason tells Elo

I see Elo grilling in shorts and his boots with his sun glasses on. He has a grin on his face as he cooks dinner. Mason retells the story about how awesome the robot is.

Robots face isn’t smiling or grinning in fact he looks far off like he is somewhere else.

That night Mason told Elo the story of what the Robot had done, He even acted the whole thing out.

The robot seemed far off like he was thinking about something else.

Bad thoughts started to pop up in his mind.

Page 22
Bad thoughts

a 3 scene picture of all of the bad thoughts from the earlier piece of the book.

This is a very dark picture.

Remember when this happened

and this

and that

Page 23
Mason confronts the robot

In this picture we zoom in and see Mason stopping his story to confront the robot about his negative thoughts. It’s a one on one situation.

Elo stands in the back and the dog is hanging out too.

Mason saw what was happening and confronted the robot. “Hey, I know that it’s easy to remember those bad moments, but you are special and when those thoughts come up you have to replace them with the truth. It happens to me all the time.”

Page 24
A picture of all of us

This picture is a picture that should draw everyone in. Kids with parents. Grand parents with kids. Etc. Etc.

He continued even you, yes you have bad thoughts sometimes.

You can’t let those stay there.

You are special, just the way you are. Don’t let other thoughts tell you differently.

Page 25
A picture of the whole family

This is a happy ending picture. Everyone is hugging and smiling. Elo, Mason, The robot, and Milky Way

You see even though the robot, mason, you and I have these thoughts from time to time we also have friends to help us when we can’t help ourselves.

Mason, The robot, Milky Way, and Elo helped one another any time those thoughts would pop up. You should do the same with your friends.

You are special, just the way you are. Don’t forget that.