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Adaptive or Servant Leadership tackling the challenge of new technology in higher education

Bridge in

A story, an interesting fact related to your content, a question, an Icebreaker or relating this session to your last session (if applicable)

Interesting facts about how many leadership models there are


What you want the students to get out of the session (objectives)

to correctly identify traits associated with either adaptive leadership, servant leadership, or both

to associate adaptive and servant leadership to their Merits and challenges.

We will evaluate the effectiveness of each in managing in how it maintains employee motivation.

Determine which leadership style is best suited for various challenges of higher education administration.


pose a question, do a quiz, if they do poorly explain the importance of the lesson. if they do well, challenge them to get 100% on the eng quiz

H5P quiz add on later.

Participatory Learning activity

The activity you’ve planned about the topic. power point-drag and drop situations to match the leadership style

Describe servant leadership overview

describe Adaptive leadership overview

Describe traits associated with the leadership techniques

match the traits with the leadership styles

Merits and challenges of the adaptive and servant leadership styles

look at different situations and based on the merits and challenges discuss the style that best suites the situation

Post assessment

quiz or questions to ensure the learning happened

H5P: Multiple choice test to check for learning


Summarize the main points

Summary of all the main points.