Bus journey from Clarke Quay to First World Hotel

Clarke Quay is famous for its stunning restaurants by the riverside as well as its exciting collection of bars and clubs. The area has a lot to offer for tourists visiting to Singapore. I ended up with Clarke Quay while booking my Bus tickets to Malaysia from https://www.redbus.sg/bus-tickets/clarke-quay-to-first-world-hotel . Apart from the attractions of Clarke Quay, it also serves as a major Bus boarding point for Buses leaving for Malaysia.

The attractions of Clarke Quay are just within walking distance of each other, which include a host of family friendly activities, and cultural visits that are just perfect for the daytime tours. The Singapore River lies in the heart of Clarke Quay and serves as a central artery for this areas nightlife scene. However, the river has a much broader prospect to offer than just a beautiful spot for food and drinks.

If you want to quickly get along the entire length of the river, you can mkae use of the boat tours that will drop you off at the place of your choice. The river has also been categorised as a historic place alongside important Singaporean landmarks like the Merlion and the Esplanade that you come across along your way to the Singapore Strait.

The G-Max Rivers Bungy, which is a thrilling activity, is a landmark itself within another landmark. This giant Bungy structure is beautifully illuminated at night with colourful LED lights. Thrill seekers can board the Bungy after 2:00 pm in the afternoon. There was only a short queue at the boarding point. You just have to strap in yourself in the Bungy and then are launched 60 feet into the air at a speed of more than 200 kms per hour. This was a very thrilling experience for me. If you think this is dangerous you do not have to worry as the G-Max Rivers Bungy boasts of a 100 percent safety record with over more than ten lakh riders making it back to earth safely in one piece.

There are about 4 Operators plying on the route between Clarke Quay and First World Hotel. However, Transstar, KKKL Tours and Travels and the One Travel and Tours were the 3 most popular Operators. KKKL Tours and Travels had about 3 buses plying throughout the day starting from 6:00 am in the morning till 10:00 am in the morning. The duration of the journey is about 4 hours but if you leave at this time of the day it might take longer due to traffic snarls. KKKL Tours and Travels operates only Executive Coaches with about 20 seats in each Bus and tickets costing somewhere around SGD40. Transstar is another Operator which operates only uxury class of buses with tickets costing SGD50 and above. It operates only 2 buses one at 5:45 am and the other at 7:00 am. I chose to travel by the 5:45 am bus as this was the earliest bus leaving Singapore. The One Travel and Tours is the most affordable operator with tickets costing only SGD30. However, the Operator operates only one bus in the entire day which is at 9:00 am in the morning.