Bus Travel from Singapore Zoo to Merlion Park

Housing more than 2800 animals, and 300 species, this zoo is spread across on a 28 hectare land. It is situated in the plush green rain forest of Mandai. The natives of Singapore also call it as the Mandai Zoo. White Tiger, Pygmy hippos, and mole rats, the zoo has it all. Apart from this birds and reptiles as well as mammals give you a complete wild experience. The 28 hectares of Wildlife Park has been neatly organised into 11 different zones, each giving you the experience of a unique animal habitat in the world. You can even come threatening close with the Inuka, who is the first bear that was born in the tropics. If this does not give you an adrenaline rush you can walk with grey kangaroos which is considered to be a marvel in this zoo.

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Apart from the 11 zones, there is also a primate kingdom which houses some of the rarest primates. There is also a futuristic reptile garden and a modern tortoise shelter where you can find various endangered tortoises. The zoo also organises different animal shows for a fun filled experience for the visitors. These shows are generally scheduled between 10:30 am and 5:00 pm. The zoo also organises an informative show explaining to the people the dangers of de forestation. The Singapore zoo is a must visit for tourists of all ages. You can tag your children along and take them to the Kids Ranger tour where they will be made to act as a Zoo Keeper with responsibilities of grooming and feeding rabbits.

Merlion Park

Half lion and half fish is what depicts the legendary Merlion Park. This park is situated right in the middle of the busiest business districts of Singapore city and spread across 2500 squaRe meters of land. The beautiful Marina bay sands can be seen from the vicinity of the Merlion Park. Open to the public in 1972, the park has 2 Merlion statues. Apart from these two famous sculptures, there are also some lesser known sculpturesin the Sentosa Island of the city. The park is a Must Visit at night as it is beautifully decorated with colorful lights and all of this coupled with cool winds blowing amidst a bright skyline is an experience one can never forget. This legendary icon is a must see and visit when you are on a tour in Singapore. It is widely believed that this magnificient structure was built by LIM NANG SENG.

Singapore Zoo to Merlion Park

Travelling from Singapore Zoo to Merlion Park by bus is a journey of about an hour. Travelling by bus is considered to be one of the best option as it is also quite economical. You can board the following buses to reach Merlion Park from the Singapore Zoo.

Bus Nos - 926, 927, 138