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An elegant and classy piece of paper that displays all the basic information about a company or a person is known as a business card. All the relevant details about the corporation or the individual, like their name, designation, address, phone number, email address, services offered etc can be neatly printed on a business card printing Dubai.

As many of you may have already noticed, a business card from printing services Dubai is probably the first official marketing item that we all print once we enter a venture. It is a common sight to see company officials and marketing executives exchange their business cards during business gatherings and corporate parties after a formal handshake.

Take any official from a reputed firm, we are sure they carry a stack of well-designed business cards in their pocket all the time. A business card is a window for any potential client to have a quick look at the services and products offered by a company. Promoting and marketing a business is unimaginable without a business card from printing services Dubai during a seminar, business meeting, trade fairs, exhibition etc


We are well aware of the question that is lingering in your mind while you read this. Do business card hold significance even in this digital age? My dear friends, the answer is a loud and clear “yes”. A business card from a reliable printing services Dubai is usually the first official revelation of your brand to the potential client.

The receiver gets officially introduced to your company’s brand, the products and services, contact information etc for the first time through a business card. All eminent corporate executives generally carry a cardholder with them to store the received business cards from the printing services and further refer to them when the need arises.

Without a trace of any doubt, we can clearly state that business card printing Dubai ensure a physical presence in the receiver’s pocket than any email could ever do. Nothing beats the perfect business etiquette of giving a warm handshake followed by the exchange of business cards as the most powerful and dignified tool of marketing.


As we have already mentioned, a business card from the printing services Dubai
officially introduces your business to a potential client. A superior quality business card leaves an outstanding first impression on the receiver about the brand. After a quick glance at the business card printing Dubai, a well-designed logo may linger in the minds of the client for a long period of time.

An exquisite and stylish business card from the printing services Dubai impart grace and class to the business. It generates a perception that high-quality products and services can be expected from the company. A business card printing also showcases the fact that you are extremely serious about the business along with providing a personal touch to the association.


The magnanimous potency of business card printing Dubai to initiate business deals can be easily understood from the fact that billions of business cards are printed in the world each year. It is widely speculated that an average 2.5 % increase in sales is expected for every 2000 business cards from the printing services Dubai you hand over.

The remarkable strength of business card printing Dubai is their ability to be held by the receiver in their hand and share them with their colleagues and dear ones. In a world where digital messages are often considered a nuisance and constantly deleted, business cards from the printing services Dubai act as your personal marketing executive by letting you directly deal with clients and making sure your brand stays in their pocket ready to do business.


Very reliable expert guidance and supervision are necessary to produce a superior quality business card. Extreme care must be taken when you select the printing techniques for business cards. Equal significance must be attributed in choosing the right size, paper quality, font design etc of the business card from the printing services. Business card uses state-of-the-art technologies like die-cutting, foil printing, matte or glossy lamination, sublimation, laser engraving, embossing, screen printing, UV printing etc to impeccably print the details onto your business card.

With years of expertise in printing services in Dubai, our experienced staff can provide you with the correct guidance in designing and printing a powerful business card. Naazme Gifts takes tremendous pride in receiving accolades for being able to provide unmatchable customer service and client satisfaction.