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How To Design A Million-Dollar Business Online
10 Rules That Modern Hustlers Live By
10 Rules That Millionaire Entrepreneurs Live By
How To Build A 6-Figure Business In Three Months

A collection of the rarest, most proven library of materials that turn ordinary businesses into million-dollar businesses.


Your organization’s entity including every component that makes it powerful.


  • Demographics
    Where is your market? Where are they’re eyeballs?

  • Psychographics
    What is your market thinking, what are their beliefs, passions and emotional hot-buttons.

*Purpose / Why

The greater your purpose, the more powerful your organization will be. What do we do that’s different from anyone else. And why should I buy from you from the 100s of other competitors.

  • What’s Your Greater Purpose
  • What’s Your Cause


What you’re saying to your prospects to attract them to your business.

  • Develop Slogan

*Image (Personality)

  • Appearance
  • Consistency

StoreFront (Physical & Digital)


Customer Service

Systems & Technology

  • Servers
  • Software
  • Applications


Put some sugar in your product.

  • USP / UVP
  • Pricing
  • Sales Pitch
    Disguised (boxes in the back)
    Utility Value
  • Offerings


The technology and funnels that power your money machine. Backend systems collect and make information work for you automatically.

Service Infrastructure


The systems that bring customers through your door.


  • Article Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing


How to ensure customer continuity.


  • New(s)
  • Seasonal
  • Trends


Growth Hacking

Implementing viral components that grow your business at a rapid rate.


How To Create Direct Response

  • Why you should always ask for a response

Skills To Develop

  • Direct Response Triggers (how to create direct response)
  • Copywriting (Schwartz)


  • LifeHacks
    Effective productivity techniques in your lifestyle.
  • How To Set Up Walkthrough
  • 4 Day-Cash Machine
    Why productivity matters.

Recurring Themes

  • Minimalism

Fundamentals of design

  • Typography
    Good design is a way to establish authority.
    Why it matters for your storefront.