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Business it solutions NZ

At Next Telecom, we have the business phone, ICT, and IT solutions you are looking for, wherever you are in NZ. We’ll work to develop a solution that not only meets the needs of your business, but that is also future-proof and scalable.

Crucially, we are not tied to any particular vendor or platform. This means the advice and recommendations you get from us are independent and based entirely on your business.

Each member of our team has extensive experience in developing phone and communication solutions for businesses in a wide range of industries. This includes small businesses operating from a single location, medium-sized businesses with operations in multiple locations, and large corporations.

We have a wide range of technologies and platforms available that come packed with features and that are cost-effective.

Do you have a traditional phone set up in your business? If so, there are opportunities you can take advantage of as business phone systems in NZ have moved on significantly in recent years with the availability of new technologies.

At Next Telecom, we are at the forefront of our industry, so we can help your business take advantage of the benefits that modern communication solutions offer.

Those benefits include:

• Reduced costs
• Minimal upfront capital outlay
• Improved range of features
• Uptime reliability
• Scalability
• Flexibility and adaptability

When you choose one of our cloud PABX phone systems, you’ll be working with one of the leading providers in NZ. We have extensive experience modernising and improving the telephony and communication systems in businesses across the country. We work with businesses of all sizes too, as well as in a wide range of industries.

To speak to a member of our team about the business phone systems that are currently popular in NZ, please contact us today. We’ll find out more about your requirements and plans for the future so we can give you a quote to upgrade and improve your ICT set-up. Please call today on 0800 00 6398.

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