If you are lucky enough your company may offer you a Business Mobile Phone, this is often free of charge to you as long as it is used within the guidelines that your company sets you i.e It is only to be used for work purposes. Maybe you work in a job where you are on the road a lot but constantly need to be contacting customers or business partners; maybe you need to be sorting out deliveries and stocks on a daily basis. There are a number of reasons why a company may choose to give you a Business Mobile Phone. Another reason they are often given out is for employees who are on call and must go to do something when required out of hours.

The company will pay the monthly bill for you as long as you do not go over what has been appointed to you, they will often choose you a package based around your working requirements, for example, if you need to be making calls to landlines and mobiles rather than texting people, they will opt for a package with high inclusive minutes and low inclusive texts (if any at all). Some jobs may require you to be on the internet and constantly checking and replying to emails on the move (in this case a package with unlimited internet and emails may be chosen and inclusive minutes will be reduced). With today’s mobile phones it is very easy for you to access emails and the internet, business mobile phones will often be quite advanced models like the Blackberry to allow you to perform the tasks required. Check out the below links for more details: