Gauges tools are a leading brand supplier of the Metric acme thread tap . These ACME taps are usually bright, we also can put on coatings according to clients’ requirements. ACME taps can be supplied by individuals or sets. We are having Taper taps, Plug taps, and Bottom Taps. Contact us to know more!

Our acme taps are popularly used in mass production. At gaugetools, ACME taps can be provided by individuals or sets For example Taper taps, Plug taps and Bottom Taps. For more info get in touch with us.

Acme Thread Gauge manufacturers also made the thread gage which tests the accuracy of the externally threaded pieces. The bolts are supposed fine when they get threaded completely through the GO ring. Acme thread gages help in determining the thread pitch when calibrated to a specific thread set plug.

Gauges tools supply the brand new Stub Acme Thread Gage with high-quality material. If you are having limited space, then you can use these gauges. All these Stub ACME thread gages are manufactured according to standard ASME B1.8. Visit our website to know more!