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Introduction (6-8 sentences)

Lead-in (attention getter)

My family has one of the most amazing histories of ever heard in my life.

Build up to thesis statement

Thesis statement (main idea of the essay+essay map: main argument + the three points you’re going to discuss)

I find my family history amazing, because my ancestors have gone through rough times and still made out alive, my grandparents went from poor to rich with hard work, and all my family crossed the border illegally.

Body Paragraph 1 (8-12 sentences)

Topic sentence 1 (main idea of the paragraph)

My ancestors from my dad’s side made it out alive.

Supporting details (2-3 examples to support your topic sentence)

  • My grandparents were always hard workers.
  • They worked in the labor fields.
  • They hardly had any money.

Concluding sentence (wraps up paragraph and ties everything together)

Body Paragraph 2 (8-12 sentences)

Topic sentence 2

My mom’s side of the family went from poor to rich.

Supporting details

  • They started from the bottom and went to the top.
  • They own warehouses.
  • They are successful

Concluding sentence

Body Paragraph 3 (8-12 sentences)

Topic sentence 3

Both sides of my family crossed the border illegally.

Supporting details

  • successfully crossed the border.
  • nobody was caught through the process.
  • Everyone is now an American citizen.

Concluding sentence

Conclusion (6-8 sentences)

Paraphrase thesis statement

My ancestors making it out alive, my family going from poor to rich, and crossing the border successfully has made me realize how amazing my family history is.

Paraphrase topic sentences

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for my parents ancestors.

Final thoughts (what do you want the reader to do/remember?)

I strongly encourage to learn more about your family history.