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This is a silly tree used for demonstration purposes only.


What do they like? What are they thinking?

This is a tree that could be used to help students start to think creatively. It doesn’t matter what they write.



This document is being written so that future generations will have documentation to refer to when the cats attack. It must be noted that the cats will attack. It is in their nature to do so. Their blood flows thick with anger at humans, at the world, or at most things that are not them. Be warned, they will come, they will attack, and they will do so in the most brutally adorable fashion possible.

Introduce this document

What are cats like?

What do cats think about?

Cat thought is normally dominated by what is often called the three golden thoughts: sleep, grooming, food.

Cats love food so much they would kill for it.

They find warm places to sleep, and once located, a warm sleeping place will be held for as long as possible.

Grooming, of which cats normally dedicate 4-5 hours to each day is also very important.

If cats tried to invade the planet what could we do to stop them?
we would have to develop several things:

other things to do

When the cats attack, we must first look for allies. The natural enemy of the cat, the bird, is a good place to start. Birds have total air domination but they can be flighty and unreliable. Dogs, the oft thought enemy of the cat, is in fact not a good choice for an ally. Dogs are stupid and are easily persuaded to join the cats.

To begin with, we must first discuss what it is that fuels the cat’s passion. Cats are often thought of as being very sleepy, docile beings. However, this is just a cover (albeit a fluffy cover) for what lies beneath, pure hatred. At the present time, cats are being kept inside and treated as pets. This is not an accurate picture of what is really occurring. Your cat is in your house for many more hours than you. The house actually belongs to the cat, or at least that is how they see it.

Conclusion paragraph