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    {"cards":[{"_id":"4a73074a0d86bffdd800000a","treeId":"4a730b960d86bffdd8000007","seq":20987521,"position":0.5,"parentId":null,"content":""},{"_id":"4a649153620e6ca1f7000021","treeId":"4a730b960d86bffdd8000007","seq":20993340,"position":1.5,"parentId":null,"content":"Sport <a href=\"\">fishing </a>is something that <a href=\"\">gives </a>the angler excitement, puts them in <a href=\"\">the </a>battle of man <a href=\"\">against </a>one of nature's <a href=\"\">creatures</a>.\n\n<a href=\"\">While </a>this is as <a href=\"\">exciting </a>as it gets, <a href=\"\">it </a>does <a href=\"\">come </a>with <a href=\"\">obligations </a>to other sport fishing <a href=\"\">anglers</a>.\n\n<a href=\"\">Professional </a>sport fishing also <a href=\"\">means </a>trying out equipment and boats, <a href=\"\">entering </a>and being at <a href=\"\">tournaments </a>that other sport <a href=\"\">fishers </a>want to hear about and knowing <a href=\"\">what </a>is <a href=\"\">going </a>on in the ocean.\n\n<a href=\"\">These </a><a href=\"\">things </a>are almost as <a href=\"\">exciting </a>to the professional sport <a href=\"\">fishing </a>people, trying the <a href=\"\">new </a>reel to see <a href=\"\">how </a>smoothly it works, trying the new rod to see how\n\nfar it <a href=\"\">can </a>bend and <a href=\"\">being </a>in the <a href=\"\">tournaments</a>.\n\nThe <a href=\"\">tournaments </a>are where <a href=\"\">the </a>skill <a href=\"\">that </a>has been perfected shines, this is where <a href=\"\">the </a>large Marlin's <a href=\"\">are </a>reeled in and the real <a href=\"\">battle </a>can be <a href=\"\">fought</a>.\n\n<a href=\"\">Professional </a>sport fishing <a href=\"\">means </a>going to <a href=\"\">work </a>is spending a day on <a href=\"\">the </a>water, testing new equipment and <a href=\"\">it </a>also means being a <a href=\"\">part </a>of a team <a href=\"\">where </a>the other\n\n<a href=\"\">Being </a>a <a href=\"\">professional </a>also means <a href=\"\">that </a>other anglers <a href=\"\">know </a>the name <a href=\"\">and </a>pay close attention to what <a href=\"\">equipment </a>is used and <a href=\"\">what </a>tips or <a href=\"\">tricks </a>are used.\n\nMost sport <a href=\"\">fishing </a>anglers dream of <a href=\"\">becoming </a>professional sport <a href=\"\">fishing </a>anglers, <a href=\"\">this </a>is a dream <a href=\"\">job </a>where the boss is the prize in the <a href=\"\">tournament</a>, where skills are <a href=\"\">tested </a>by\n\nthe <a href=\"\">fish </a>and other <a href=\"\">professionals </a>who are a part of the tournament.\n\nThis is <a href=\"\">defiantly </a>taking <a href=\"\">sport </a>fishing to the next level and it is a level <a href=\"\">that </a>has all the <a href=\"\">thrills </a>and excitement that sport <a href=\"\">fishing </a>angler's <a href=\"\">need</a>.\n\nThis is <a href=\"\">not </a>the kind of <a href=\"\">fishing </a>that is <a href=\"\">done </a>from the <a href=\"\">small </a>boat, this type of <a href=\"\">angler </a>needs the powerful boat and because entering <a href=\"\">tournaments </a>is a team sport\n\nit <a href=\"\">often </a>means <a href=\"\">having </a>a yacht to relax on <a href=\"\">and </a>plan strategies for <a href=\"\">the </a>next <a href=\"\">day </a>of the <a href=\"\">tournament</a>.\n\n<a href=\"\">This </a>is a <a href=\"\">part </a>of the next <a href=\"\">level </a>in <a href=\"\">sport </a>fishing, <a href=\"\">having </a>it all out on the <a href=\"\">water </a>to reel in the prize <a href=\"\">winning </a>catch.\n\n<a href=\"\">This </a>is someone that <a href=\"\">really </a>has <a href=\"\">taken </a>their hobby and <a href=\"\">learned </a>all they can <a href=\"\">about </a>sport fishing, the water, the equipment and <a href=\"\">most </a>of all <a href=\"\">what </a>to do when\n\nthat <a href=\"\">big </a>one is on the line and the <a href=\"\">rod </a>is bending so <a href=\"\">hard </a>it <a href=\"\">could </a>break.\n\nThe <a href=\"\">professional </a>sport fishing <a href=\"\">angler </a>knows how to <a href=\"\">play </a>the game <a href=\"\">just </a>right to keep the rod from breaking and get the big <a href=\"\">fish </a>in the boat.\n\n<a href=\"\">While </a>being a <a href=\"\">professional </a>sport fishing <a href=\"\">angler </a>is an exciting job, it is also one that is obtainable by any sport fishing angler that hones <a href=\"\">their </a>skills <a href=\"\">enough </a>to <a href=\"\">join</a>\n\nthe <a href=\"\">other </a><a href=\"\">professionals </a>in the next level of sport fishing.\n\nIt <a href=\"\">takes </a>dedication, experience and the winning edge that can <a href=\"\">only </a>come from <a href=\"\">hard </a>work out on the <a href=\"\">water </a>to take it to <a href=\"http://\">the </a>next <a href=\"\">level </a>and become a"},{"_id":"5ef5f15927e746044ea77752","treeId":"4a730b960d86bffdd8000007","seq":20993312,"position":2,"parentId":null,"content":""}],"tree":{"_id":"4a730b960d86bffdd8000007","name":"cdfd dfvevfeUntitled tree","publicUrl":"cdfd-dfvevfeuntitled-tree"}}