China’s lighting market, the capacity is huge, in 2015, including lighting, lamps and light sources, market output value can reach 500 billion YUAN. In the view of the person in charge of photoelectric enterprises, the current LED terminal price continues to decline, profits also shrink, and create intelligent lighting is a new growth point of the industry. Industry insiders roughly estimate that “in the next few years, the market size of China’s LED light source will break through $100 billion. At present, the penetration rate of the domestic intelligent lighting market is less than 2%, and the product application is mainly reflected in the future dimmable LED intelligent home lighting, intelligent road lighting, intelligent corridor lighting, intelligent underground garage lighting, intelligent lighting in public areas and other markets will greatly expand.

Common-Cathode CC 3014AGG 7-Segment digit 3014AGG LED Common-Anode CA 3014BGG Display 3014BGG 0.30 inch
Common-Cathode CC 3104AW 7-Segment digit 3104AW LED Common-Anode CA 3104BW Display 3104BW 0.30 inch

The unit price of 1W white LED
Home applications of LED lighting
12V and 24V LED lamp application
LED lighting power supply system is complex
Chinese lighting market is huge
Color and brightness of LED in different occasions
Leds Luminous Intensity Unit is Candela
LED luminous flux in unit of Lumen
LED Luminance refers to the light intensity density
The color rendering of LED may be different