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  • Trip planning Only 5 days

    Day 0 Check in late
    Stay in hotel for only one day

    Day 1 AKL
    Half day tour then flight.

    Day 2
    AKL -> Queenstown

    Day 3
    Tour in Queenstown

    Day 4
    Tour in Queenstown

    Day 5

    One day tour of one thing or another

    Day 6

    Day 0 Oct 14
    14-Oct-13 (Mon) 05:20pm

    Day 1 - 2 Oct 15 - 16
    2 tours in AKL

    Day 3 Oct 17
    Flight to Queenstown

    • Fill up with something to do in Queenstown

    Day 4 Oct 18
    One day tour there

    Day 5 Oct 19
    Flight from Queenstown
    Spare time in AKL

    Day 6
    20-Oct-13 (Sun) 08:00am

    Day 2
    Queenstown Done at 6.30pm

    Day 3
    Day 4
    Day 5
    AKL Relaxing hamilton gardens

    Day 6

    • Flight

    Day 1

    • Bay of Islands
    • Cruise with dolphins

    Day 2

    • Waitomo Caves
    • Rotooura cave
    • Hobbiton?

    Day 4

    • Rotoura cave 1 day

    Day 3

    • Hamilton Gardens

    Day 5

    • Wellington
    • Zealandia
  • North Island

    • North area has some areas with unique rock formations (concretions)
      • Wairere Boulders
      • Koutu Boulders
    • Waipoua Forest has huge trees
    • Waitomo Caves doesn’t seem to interest Mama
    • Dolphins with the Bay of Islands trip
    • Mt. Eden
    • Devonport (via ferry)
    • Rangitoto Island (via Ferry)
    • Seems to be smaller villages spread around here and there compared to South Island where it’s more sparse

    • Mission Bay might be a nice place to eat near to Auckland

    • Auckland Regional Botanic Gardens in Manukau

    • Tiritiri Matangi Island sounds good

    • Walk in the Waitomo cave might be unique

    • Hamilton Gardens looks good

  • South Island

    • Milford Sound is beautiful
  • Going from North to South

  • Auckland

    • Mt. Eden
    • Devenport (via ferry)
    • Rangitoto Island (via Ferry)
    • Downtown (viaduct, sky tower, parnell village

    Then you could take a 2-3 day tour to Waitomo Caves, Taupo and Rotorua. This is a classic kiwi culture and scenery tour of upper north island

    This should keep you guys busy for the
    week. But if you finish all this and have a few more days - head up the bay of islands reinga up north

    Things that strike me:

    • Glowworm cave
    • Milford Sound

  • Look through list of gardens

  • Rough plan

    It’ll be cold. 15 - 10 in Auck and 17-5 in Christchurch, 11-4 in Queenstown

    • Stay in Auckland and take day tours out
    • Fly to Christchurch/Queenstown and take package tour around South Island

    • AKL 1 day go for a 1 day tour to Hobbiton

    • Go to Christchurch

    • Come back AKL 1 day tour or rest

    • Fly back SG next day

    • Accommodation is rather annoying to figure out. Haven’t checked those

    • Does Milford Sound require more than a day?

  • Day 0 Oct 14 (Short day reach in evening)

    Day 1 Oct 15


    Day 2 Oct 16

    Day 3 Oct 17


    Day 4 Oct 18

    Milford? Fly back to AKL?

    Day 5 Oct 19

    Something in AKL?

    Last Day Oct 20 (Fly back in the morning 8am)

  • Milford Sound

  • Flight from AKL to CHC (Christchurch) is just 1 hour

  • AKL Activities

    • Hobbiton
    • Bay of Islands
  • CHC Activities

  • Day 2 and Day 4 can fly to CHC

  • Milford Sound Tours

    Let’s do the Eco tour one

    Juicy Cruize is smaller and can go closer to wildlife than Real Journeys. (ref)

  • KIV Next time

{"cards":[{"_id":"373b1c30b9e33eec4d00002a","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":0.25,"parentId":null,"content":"Trip planning Only 5 days\n\nDay 0 Check in late\nStay in hotel for only one day\n\nDay 1 AKL\nHalf day tour then flight.\n\nDay 2\nAKL -> Queenstown\n\nDay 3\nTour in Queenstown\n\n\nDay 4\nTour in Queenstown\n\nDay 5\n\nOne day tour of one thing or another\n\n\nDay 6\n\nDay 0 Oct 14\n14-Oct-13 (Mon) 05:20pm\n\nDay 1 - 2 Oct 15 - 16\n2 tours in AKL\n\nDay 3 Oct 17\nFlight to Queenstown\n- Fill up with something to do in Queenstown\n\nDay 4 Oct 18\nOne day tour there\n\nDay 5 Oct 19\nFlight from Queenstown\nSpare time in AKL\n\nDay 6 \n20-Oct-13 (Sun) 08:00am\n\n\n\n----\nDay 2\nQueenstown Done at 6.30pm\n\nDay 3\nAKL\nDay 4\nAKL\nDay 5\nAKL Relaxing hamilton gardens\n\nDay 6\n- Flight\n\n\nDay 1\n- Bay of Islands\n- Cruise with dolphins\n\nDay 2\n- Waitomo Caves\n- Rotooura cave\n- Hobbiton?\n\nDay 4\n- Rotoura cave 1 day\n\nDay 3\n- Hamilton Gardens\n\nDay 5\n- Wellington\n- Zealandia"},{"_id":"376d07163da73f92fa00002e","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":0.5,"parentId":"373b1c30b9e33eec4d00002a","content":"Latest flight AKL -> ZQN is at 7.15am - 12pm (Reach 9am - 1.55pm)\nZQN -> AKL 9.40am - 4.45pm (Reach 11.30am - 6.30pm)"},{"_id":"377662be3da73f92fa000032","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":0.5625,"parentId":"373b1c30b9e33eec4d00002a","content":"Day 0 Oct 14\nAKL -> CHC in evening\n\nDay 1 Oct 15\nLoTR tour from CHC\n\nDay 2 Oct 16\nMount Cook tour to queenstown\nCheck into Queenstown\n\nDay 3 Oct 17\nMilford Sound tour\n\nDay 4 Oct 18\nFree & Easy then\nFlight to AKL\nCheck into AKL\n\nDay 5 Oct 19\nAKL tour\n\nDay 6 Flight back\n"},{"_id":"377d2b6c3da73f92fa000033","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"377662be3da73f92fa000032","content":"Milford Sound Tours\n\n*Let's do the Eco tour one*\n\n\n- [Eco tours](\n- [Real Journeys](\n- GreatSights\n\nJuicy Cruize is smaller and can go closer to wildlife than Real Journeys. ([ref](\n\n"},{"_id":"376d53e43da73f92fa000031","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":0.625,"parentId":"373b1c30b9e33eec4d00002a","content":"First day in AKL\n- Morning or afternoon tour?\n\n- Flight times are 7.15am - 12pm (Reach 9am - 1.55pm)\n\n- AKL to CHC then after that One day to ``"},{"_id":"376d4bfc3da73f92fa000030","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":0.75,"parentId":"373b1c30b9e33eec4d00002a","content":"Last day activities\n- [West Coast Wilderness](\n-"},{"_id":"373b5783b9e33eec4d00002c","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"373b1c30b9e33eec4d00002a","content":"Dolphin cruise\n-\n-\n-\n-"},{"_id":"36cdaf64eedef0ebb8000025","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":0.5,"parentId":null,"content":"North Island\n\n- North area has some areas with unique rock formations (concretions)\n - Wairere Boulders\n - Koutu Boulders \n- Waipoua Forest has huge trees\n- Waitomo Caves doesn't seem to interest Mama\n- Dolphins with the Bay of Islands trip\n- Mt. Eden\n- Devonport (via ferry)\n- Rangitoto Island (via Ferry)\n\n\n- Seems to be smaller villages spread around here and there compared to South Island where it's more sparse\n\n- Mission Bay might be a nice place to eat near to Auckland\n\n- Auckland Regional Botanic Gardens in Manukau\n\n- Tiritiri Matangi Island sounds good\n\n- Walk in the Waitomo cave might be unique\n\n- Hamilton Gardens looks good"},{"_id":"3630a0348b9f8f506f00001f","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1.125,"parentId":"36cdaf64eedef0ebb8000025","content":"# Northland\n\n## Bay of Islands\n![](\n![](\n\n- Puketi Forest looks interesting\n\n## Wairere Boulders\n![](\n\n## Waipoua Forest\n\n## Koutu Boulders\n![](\n\n## Sand Dunes\n![](\n\nMight require some difficult walking.\n- Probably not flowery"},{"_id":"36cdd7b8eedef0ebb8000032","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"3630a0348b9f8f506f00001f","content":"Puketi Forest \n-\n\nHaruru Falls"},{"_id":"36cddfd0eedef0ebb8000035","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":2,"parentId":"3630a0348b9f8f506f00001f","content":""},{"_id":"35c6bab7987f6b398c000023","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":3,"parentId":"3630a0348b9f8f506f00001f","content":"## Fullers Great Sights Discover Hokianga\n\n\n![]("},{"_id":"35c6be88987f6b398c000024","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":4,"parentId":"3630a0348b9f8f506f00001f","content":"## Cruises\n\n"},{"_id":"35c6d2fb987f6b398c000026","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":5,"parentId":"3630a0348b9f8f506f00001f","content":"## Forest activities\n\n"},{"_id":"35c6c578987f6b398c000025","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":6,"parentId":"3630a0348b9f8f506f00001f","content":""},{"_id":"354a870af88e434db1000019","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":2,"parentId":"36cdaf64eedef0ebb8000025","content":"#North Shore\n\n## Rangitoto Island\n- Requires some walking\n- Has lava tubes\n- Colorful fauna\n-\n\n## Devonport\n\n\n\n- Views of city\n- Wine stuff\n- Tour volcanoes\n\n# South Auckland\n\n## Manukau \n\nAuckland Regional Botanic Gardens **Must go!**\n- Looks flowery, Mum might like\n\n## Waitakere Ranges\n- has some nice hiking views\n\n## Mission Bay\n\n- Nice for eating\n- Go to the beach. Mission Bay combines urban chic with beach (on Tamaki Drive further on from Kelly Tarltons). Hibiscus Coast and Long Bay are other popular beaches. The coast path walk between Milford and Takapuna is recommended - all easily reached by regular public bus services from the downtown bus terminus.\n\n## Mount Eden\n- War memorial stuff\n- Drive or walk up one of Auckland's many volcanic cones such as One Tree Hill, Mount Eden or Mount Victoria to experience panoramic views of the city, and to see sheep and cows in a major metropolitan area!\n\n## Tiritiri Matangi Island\n- Bird life and sea life\n- Good for nature lovers **must go**\n-"},{"_id":"35c693ee987f6b398c000020","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"354a870af88e434db1000019","content":"## Rangitoto Volcanic Explorer Tour\n\n"},{"_id":"36ce39c5eedef0ebb800003e","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":2,"parentId":"354a870af88e434db1000019","content":""},{"_id":"36ce650deedef0ebb8000041","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":3,"parentId":"354a870af88e434db1000019","content":"## Tiritiri Matangi Island\n\n"},{"_id":"36301eb18b9f8f506f000017","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":2.75,"parentId":"36cdaf64eedef0ebb8000025","content":"# Waikato\n\n## Waitomo Caves\n-\n- Ruakuri Cave looks like best cave to go.\n- See limestone formations\n- Glowworms might just be a tourist trap. Not much to see. Just like stars in night sky [Ref](\n\n\n![](\n\n##Hobbit Set\n![](\n\n- Looks more green. Looks unique\n- Might be tourist trap though\n\nEast Coast has some Hot Water Beach\n\n\n## Hamilton Gardens\n- Hamilton looks beautiful\n\n\n- [Pirongia Forest Park](\n"},{"_id":"36301ee18b9f8f506f000018","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":0.5,"parentId":"36301eb18b9f8f506f000017","content":"\n\n\n\n"},{"_id":"36cea5cbeedef0ebb8000043","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":2.875,"parentId":"36cdaf64eedef0ebb8000025","content":"# Bay of Plenty\n\n## [Rotoura](\n- Much to see\n- [Volcanic activity to see](\n![](\n- [Rainbow Springs looks artificial](\n- [Waipahihi Botanical Reserve](\n\n## [Te Puke](\n- Horticulural center\n\n## [Tauranga](\n- Might be beautiful\n- More adventure type of place"},{"_id":"36cf069ceedef0ebb8000045","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":2.9375,"parentId":"36cdaf64eedef0ebb8000025","content":"# Wellington\n\n## [Zealandia](\n- Bird watching\n- Experience unique nature\n- [Good reviews](\n\n- Red rocks Seal Colony"},{"_id":"35c6d61c987f6b398c000027","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":3,"parentId":"36cdaf64eedef0ebb8000025","content":"West Coast Beaches"},{"_id":"35c6d651987f6b398c000028","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"35c6d61c987f6b398c000027","content":""},{"_id":"36cdb367eedef0ebb8000029","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":0.75,"parentId":null,"content":"South Island\n\n- Milford Sound is beautiful"},{"_id":"36cdb3a4eedef0ebb800002b","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"36cdb367eedef0ebb8000029","content":"Milford Sound"},{"_id":"36ced796eedef0ebb8000044","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":0.875,"parentId":null,"content":"Going from North to South \n\n-"},{"_id":"354a8606f88e434db1000018","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":null,"content":"Auckland\n\n- Mt. Eden\n- Devenport (via ferry)\n- Rangitoto Island (via Ferry)\n- Downtown (viaduct, sky tower, parnell village\n\nThen you could take a 2-3 day tour to Waitomo Caves, Taupo and Rotorua. This is a classic kiwi culture and scenery tour of upper north island\n\nThis should keep you guys busy for the \nweek. But if you finish all this and have a few more days - head up the bay of islands reinga up north\n\n- Lord of the Rings scenery (1 day tour)\n-\n\n-\n\n\n\n\n\nThings that strike me:\n- Glowworm cave\n- Milford Sound\n\n"},{"_id":"35c6e1f5987f6b398c000029","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":4,"parentId":"354a8606f88e434db1000018","content":"Kapiti Island"},{"_id":"35c6e236987f6b398c00002a","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"35c6e1f5987f6b398c000029","content":"Island tours\n\n"},{"_id":"36307c2a8b9f8f506f00001a","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":6,"parentId":"354a8606f88e434db1000018","content":"Milford Sound\n![]("},{"_id":"36307c4b8b9f8f506f00001b","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"36307c2a8b9f8f506f00001a","content":"- Underwater thing\n- Fly, boat fly\n\n- Longtime cruise\n\n- Walking tracks \n"},{"_id":"3665b7d2ada54fa40c000019","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":2,"parentId":"36307c2a8b9f8f506f00001a","content":""},{"_id":"3665aff08b9f8f506f000021","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":7,"parentId":"354a8606f88e434db1000018","content":"## Tours\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n### Full package\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\n### Customizable tour\n\n\n---\n### One days\n\n\n- Very easy hotel pick up and drop off \n- Most are one days\n\n\n\n\n\n### Self travel\n\n\n- Sounds like an awesome backpacking\n- Get off and on any time, so you can stay for more than a day\n- First night at each stop is paid for\n"},{"_id":"36cd9e16eedef0ebb800001f","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"3665aff08b9f8f506f000021","content":"KIV Next time"},{"_id":"3630a7918b9f8f506f000020","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1.5,"parentId":null,"content":"Look through list of gardens\n"},{"_id":"3678bb40ada54fa40c00001b","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":3,"parentId":null,"content":"Rough plan\n\nIt'll be cold. 15 - 10 in Auck and 17-5 in Christchurch, 11-4 in Queenstown\n\n- Stay in Auckland and take day tours out\n- Fly to Christchurch/Queenstown and take package tour around South Island\n---\n- AKL 1 day go for a 1 day tour to Hobbiton\n\n- Go to Christchurch \n\n- Come back AKL 1 day tour or rest\n- Fly back SG next day\n\n---\n\n- Accommodation is rather annoying to figure out. Haven't checked those\n\n- Does Milford Sound require more than a day?"},{"_id":"36cda927eedef0ebb8000020","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"3678bb40ada54fa40c00001b","content":"Flight from AKL to CHC (Christchurch) is just 1 hour"},{"_id":"36cd9444eedef0ebb800001c","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":4,"parentId":null,"content":"Day 0 Oct 14 (Short day reach in evening)\n\n## Day 1 Oct 15\nHobbiton\n\n## Day 2 Oct 16\n\n\n## Day 3 Oct 17\nMilford?\n\n## Day 4 Oct 18\nMilford? Fly back to AKL?\n\n## Day 5 Oct 19\nSomething in AKL?\n\nLast Day Oct 20 (Fly back in the morning 8am)"},{"_id":"36cd9c2eeedef0ebb800001d","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":1,"parentId":"36cd9444eedef0ebb800001c","content":"## AKL Activities\n\n- Hobbiton\n- Bay of Islands"},{"_id":"36cdaa96eedef0ebb8000021","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":2,"parentId":"36cd9444eedef0ebb800001c","content":"CHC Activities"},{"_id":"36cdab00eedef0ebb8000022","treeId":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","seq":1,"position":3,"parentId":"36cd9444eedef0ebb800001c","content":"Day 2 and Day 4 can fly to CHC"}],"tree":{"_id":"354a85d8f88e434db1000015","name":"New Zealand Trip","publicUrl":"chuan-new-zealand-trip"}}